Sanjaya Malakar Lives to Fight Another Day on American Idol

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And by "fight," of course, we mean "sing as badly as Brooke Hogan."

On American Idol last night, viewers continued to have a brain freeze. Sure, Sanjaya Malakar was included in the bottom three finally ... but apparently he wasn't considered a worse vocalist than Brandon Rogers.

Bowersox! Bowersox!

The former backup singer for Christina Aguilera was sent packing, as Sanjaya remained once more, despite an awful rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on Tuesday night.

At this rate, with all apologies to Melinda Doolittle, Malakar might as well be considered the favorite. If the last few weeks of ear drum-numbing singing doesn't get him booted off, what will?!? And it's not as though he's that good looking, right, ladies?

At least Antonella Barba gave us some reason to vote for her, despite her subpar vocals. But we don't see Sanjaya nude anywhere, so what's the deal?


sanjaya have sentimental value on that show. when talk about voice, there are a lot of singer out there who have worse voice than sanjaya and they very succesfull.if he really have a worse voice, then the judges make mistake at the first place to keep him at to 24..


Sanjaya is awful! It's time for him to go! Even his own mother looked shocked that he wasn't sent home this week!


Sanjaya's refreshing. I'm fed up of the belt-it-out R&B divas, no matter how talented they are. He's the only proper amateur of the bunch, has the most potential and seems like a really sweet guy too. Plus he remembered his words, which is more than I can say about at least a couple of the others. I'm on the Sanjaya train.


Um author, you actually said "Note that Im gay..."
I think Sanjaya is a good thing for the show and he is what keeps me tuning in every week. I can't stand the same generic singers, I think the show is about more than that.
I think ppl want to vote for who they care about and not another singer to join the multitude of those already putting out corny albums.
Sanjaya all the way!

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