Salma Hayek: Engaged to François-Henri Pinault ... and Pregnant!

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Congratulations are in order for Salma Hayek: The actress is engaged to businessman boyfriend François-Henri Pinault â€" and she's pregnant.

"Businessman, François-Henri Pinault, and his fiancée, Salma Hayek, are happy to announce they are expecting the arrival of their first child," Hayek's rep confirmed in a statement Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Francois-Henri Pinault

Salma now joins a growing list of celebrities that got knocked up before they walked down the aisle. We're not judging (except those times when we are), but Amanda Peet can relate to Hayek's current situation. So can Keri Russell.

Heck, even Hollywood Gossip favorite Maggie Gyllenhaal has a baby, but no wedding ring yet.

Hayek and Pinault have kept a relatively low profile since their relationship began â€" though Salma has joined Pinault for occasional public events, including one in October at the festivities surrounding the inauguration of the Pinault Foundation's Modern Art collection in Venice's Gritti Palace.

Hayek has most recently had her hands full on Ugly Betty, both as a guest star next to America Ferrera (who, by the way, is NOT engaged to Ryan Piers Williams) and as the executive producer of hit ABC show.

She previously dated actor Edward Norton for four years until 2003, before linking up with Josh Lucas, with whom she split in 2004.

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I want sex with salma hayek before she got married with this stupid


I am in love with salma hayek how did she do this to me .


can you imagine how hard it must be for these two to communicate?! with his french accent and her thick spanish accent, how do they understand each other?! what a language barrier!....(i'm being sarcastic...for those of you who are to slow to tell..) :)


Salma you are the best," VERY SMART", and you rock ......


Maybe she is in love! lus he might have a very big one!


Chica, you go girl! If you are going to have a baby make sure it will be well taken care of and an heir to something instead a singer husband. You finally got even with J-Lo. You've got Gucci, Yves St. Laurent and anything else you could possibly want plus a white man. Go Chica! Don't worry about the haters!


She is just another hollywood hypocrite who attends charity after charity and plays roles on Tv where she is some kind of deep person and yet seems seems to only date rich actors and very weak looking, ugly wealthy businessmen. I wonder what everyone would think if he wasnt rich.....that's simple, He woundnt be poor. Women like salma make it bad for the good women in the world. I'm wealthy and I despise women like Salma. Your crazy if you think he just happened to be a very special caring man and a billionaire. She knows exactly what she's doing.


she loves more money he is fugly


Salma is feeling the ticking of the old biological clock. And, many of the most beautiful women in the world marry average-looking guys. Let's hope the baby looks like her and not him.


Damn you dumbasses who keep talking about his age, he's only 46 years old. His father is the one in his 70's. Why can't you morons read before you type?!?

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