Rachel Bilson is Apparently Into Whips & Things

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The Hollywood Gossip loves Rachel Bilson.

But we have never seen images of the former star of The OC quite like this before. Except for when she was dressed like this on The OC. Sorta. Wow. Adam Brody has got to be kicking himself right now (if he's not still sore, that is).

Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar

When we first saw these Rachel Bilson pictures, our first reaction was that of shock. After all, these are pictures of Rachel Bilson dressed up and looking like some sultry dominatrix ready to get kinky with whips, handcuffs and the like.

But she's still got that trademark smile on her face, which makes it hard to get over the fact that she's still the same, sweet, adorable actress from a teen drama we used to enjoy. We don't mean to criticize - far from it - she just seems a little out of place here. Although her character in The Last Kiss was a little more grown up...


ok the picture is real but the picture was taken when she was on The OC and the 2 people that wrote r so right she wore this in the episode that seth(Adam Brody) and zach(Michael Cassidy) had the launch party for their comic atoimic county this was in the oc the 2nd season and the episode was called the showdown


thats the one she wore when she had to let adam brody(seth) draw her for the comic thing..it was a cute show..i loved it..


But we have never seen images of the former star of The OC quite like this before.--- isn't this from the OC? when she was dressed up for a comic con or something as little miss vixen?


whoa! shocker


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