Rachel Bilson Feeds Hayden Christensen, Dating Rumors

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And we thought Hayden Panettiere was hot.

But she's got nothing on her namesake. Young actor Hayden Christensen seems to date every actress with whom he works.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Granted, one of them was rumored to be Sienna Miller and we're pretty sure any guy with a pulse could take her home. But still.

The latest conquest for the man that portrayed Anakin Skywalker may be Rachel Bilson. The OC star is seen her seductively feeding Hayden. We'd be saying that the actor is lucky to be dating such a babe no matter what.

But recent photos of Bilson truly make us jealous of this dude.

If this pair is dating, we wish them the very best of luck. We also hope Adam Brody has found someone to feed. Seth deserves to be as happy as Summer is.

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Hayden Christensen did not play Luke Skywalker...he was Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in episodes 2 and 3 of the Starwars saga. (Luke Skywalker was played by none other than Mark Hamill ... who is about 55 years old now!)


move on!pathetic oc is over....im an oc fan.more of summer and seth.and for the past years i have been a supporter of them but now that they parted ways i have come to accept that it's really over......really im obcessed before but now i have moved on...aren't you glad..even after the break up of adam-rachel,,,rachel is still much very happy even not with adam....please lets just respect rachel's side because i know she liked hayden,,and hayden likes her tooo...so just be happy for her...ok...


Rachel and Adam had a very nice connection in the OC!


NO THIS IS NOT RIGHT. ADAM and rachel are supposed to be dating and this stpid man should suck it. i hate him


All the normal people would agree that Seth & Summer were pretty much the best couple ever!
Go away Hayden, Bring back seth!!:(


I think she was way better with adam brody!! They shoulod really get back together!


nah . . . i reckon her & adam brody are way cuter !!!!!!


omg!! they are so cute!! I AM A SUPPORTER