Rachel Bilson Feeds Hayden Christensen, Dating Rumors

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And we thought Hayden Panettiere was hot.

But she's got nothing on her namesake. Young actor Hayden Christensen seems to date every actress with whom he works.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Granted, one of them was rumored to be Sienna Miller and we're pretty sure any guy with a pulse could take her home. But still.

The latest conquest for the man that portrayed Anakin Skywalker may be Rachel Bilson. The OC star is seen her seductively feeding Hayden. We'd be saying that the actor is lucky to be dating such a babe no matter what.

But recent photos of Bilson truly make us jealous of this dude.

If this pair is dating, we wish them the very best of luck. We also hope Adam Brody has found someone to feed. Seth deserves to be as happy as Summer is.


leave them alone its their choice and everone who is saying hayden is ugly and everything get a life and isnt not like any off you are any better same with rachel leave them alone its not effecting your life so leave them to it x


she's so simple and she looks like a bitch, i hate her. he must be with natalie, she is more beautiful than rachel.

@ belen

I just dont like Rachel...she doesnt seem a sincere girl... she cheated on seth :X


I think hayden is gay and he likes other men.

@ jade

I just dont like Rachel...she doesnt seem a sincere girl...


ti tiene q estar con nathalie portman hacen bonita pareja y no con rachel bilson la cara de rata escuchas es nathalie portman bay te amo hayden y mucho me gusto tu pelicula con nathalie y tu
es romantica y bella hacen buena pareja y no con rachel


I hate them as a couple


hayden christensen is faf n they suit each other i love you hayden


i would like seth and summer back together ...like the old times...i dont hate hayden but i like seth more


hey whats the deal she belongs with adam brody ,hayden christensen sucks and he's name is as guy as is his name he's ugly 2


well , ppl should be minding their own business.
but all i have to say, they make a pretty bad couple, but this is rachel's choice, pfft, a really bad choice. she and adam brody really belonged together, their hearts matched , what the hell does she see in HAYDEN?!! no offence, but he is sorta ugly. well , anyways, bad choice rachel plz fix it and go back to adam brody:) you'll regret it , you guys dont look good together, anyways..im minding my own business, but its true. p.s g o b a c k t o a d a m b r o d y.<3


Hayden and Rachel are so cute together, adam and her were cute but they moved on. Leave em alone hayden is hotter than Adam anyways

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