Pregnant Photo Finish: Melanie Brown & Bridget Moynahan

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We know, we know. This one's no contest in terms of scarinessor cuteness, but both of these beautiful baby bumps carry with them a little controversy. See below.

Bridget Moynahan Nude

At left, an eight-months pregnant Melanie Brown steps out in Beverly Hills Tuesday, proudly showing off her big belly. The ex-Spice Girl, known simply as Scary Spice to dozens of adoring fans, recently celebrated a festive baby shower.

She says the baby's daddy is Eddie Murphy. He denies it, is demanding a paternity test be conducted and seems to enjoy dating Tracey Edmonds. So it goes.

At right, a four-months pregnant Bridget Moynahan waves to photographers at LAX airport. There's no doubt who knocked up this actress - Tom Brady - but what's scandalous is the fact that he recently broke up with her and that his new squeeze, Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, may also be pregnant.

No one's criticizing the Patriots QB's taste in women, but may need a better role model than Kevin Federline. Fool apparently doesn't believe in using protection.

Which baby bump's better? Leave a comment and let us know.


p.s. talk about scary...


I hope, for Eddie's sake, that he is NOT the father. Have a look see...


TRAPPED. Plain, simple, and evident.


I agree with Fran. Brady bought a new apartment in Sept. so he could be close to Bridget while she filmed her show. Flash ahead to Dec. and Giselle makes a public statement(she could have used text message) about Tom being "not to shabby" and good looking, but that "he has a girlfriend, so he's gay to me." Message to Tom from giselle...break up with your steady, I'd like to have sex with you. Pronto, Tom breaks it off with an already pregnant Bridget. NOONE has ever denied that Tom KNEW that B was pregnant before her announcement. He was just p***ed that she did it while he was on a love(gag me) tour with G in Europe. Did he really think noone would notice B's baby bump? He kept forcing her to wait, but when she saw the pics of his joyous holiday, she smartened up and made it public. He IS NOT a good role model for anyone's son!


Whose to say he was trapped. Contraception is not 100% garanteed. seems to me he broke with Bridget & took up with Giseele after her comments that he was cute.


Where have you been? Gisele is NOT pregnant! and Tom Brady was trapped. He is still a good role model! He has sex - WOW, Shocking!


I guess Bridget is a fool also. She did not use protection either. Unless she hit her goal trying to trap Brady. I go with the second. I am glad Brady did not go back to her. Can not stand her.

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