Photo Finish: Topless Matthew McConaughey vs. Topless Owen Wilson

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We know many men out there want to see more of Kate Moss topless.

No? Is it actually nude Tricia Helfer you're after?

Cute Family

Well, sorry, fellas, this post is all for the ladies. The fairer gender has a difficult decision to make. Do they vote for Matthew McConaughey and a body that is more chiseled than the Statue of David?

Or do they feast their eyes instead on the doughy goofiness of Owen Wilson?

Write in and let us know who you prefer. Meanwhile, guys can at least relax because they needn't make such rash choices. They can just enjoy topless Kim Kardashian in peace.

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like totally mathew cuz that's what a real man looks like... especially where im from there is nothing around adams county like that there are hott guys but not like mathew... sorry but mathew's got my vote!!!! ;-)


Matthew is so hot could watch him all day


Owen has my vote, Matthew is too stuck on himself! (and his girlfriend has a butt ugly face also)


Matthew has my vote. There is no one with a body like that!!! Wow.


I am sick of Matthew and his stinky armpits. He is gross people, blah! I threw up in my mouth just looking at him. He looks like he is trying too hard. Owen just stands there and looks good, even if he isn't all bronzed! Excessive tans are for people who want to look like a leather handbag by age 50.


I am a gay guy. I would dine both of 'em & then ORAGY!


all for the ladies? any gay man will tell you, matthew is where it's at....


I am so tired of Matthew showing his boring body-I'll take Owen ANY day


I like Owen's sense of humor but Matt in bed


he is soooooo hot i dont even knowwht to say other taan ....he should give every given day grls a chance