Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera vs. Fergie

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They've already done battle over who looks better in a tiara.

But now Christina Aguilera and Fergie are really getting down and dirty. The sexy singers recently rocked the same dress for different occasions, forcing The Hollywood Gossip to ask readers who looks the best in it.

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain

We know who Josh Duhamel would pick, but he doesn't get a vote. Neither does Xtina's husband, Jordan Bratman. It's up to you, the unbiased fan, to show Fergie some love - or let Aguilera know just how awesome you think she is.

As far as our Photo Finish comparisons go, this is a tough one. No doubt. Past competitions, such as whether Matthew McConaughey topless looks better than a half-nude Owen Wilson, were no-brainers compared to this fasion face-off.

So take your time and make a decision. It may be the most important vote you cast until the 2008 Presidential Election.

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Fergie of course is the best!!! There's no argue about that! She's hotter, more talented, shes's just #1! Fergie wears it better!

Avatar wonder how she kept her body perfect! I never figured Brittney was bulemic.....Kate Bosworth on the other hand...she looked great in Blue, she is sickening, she's nothing but skin and bones! Kellie Clarkson is another who I thought was fine just the way she was, and then she had to lose weight so she could "fit in" to the celebrity lifestyle. I can't believe the society encourages our teens and young ones to be anorexic looking! I prefer to have some shape...but thats just me I guess. I look at all the high school girls now, and they all are so thin, size 00?!!!! What!! I sure hope there are other women out there who have the same feelings as me and not torturing their bodies....your body is your must take care of it.