Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera vs. Fergie

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They've already done battle over who looks better in a tiara.

But now Christina Aguilera and Fergie are really getting down and dirty. The sexy singers recently rocked the same dress for different occasions, forcing The Hollywood Gossip to ask readers who looks the best in it.

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain

We know who Josh Duhamel would pick, but he doesn't get a vote. Neither does Xtina's husband, Jordan Bratman. It's up to you, the unbiased fan, to show Fergie some love - or let Aguilera know just how awesome you think she is.

As far as our Photo Finish comparisons go, this is a tough one. No doubt. Past competitions, such as whether Matthew McConaughey topless looks better than a half-nude Owen Wilson, were no-brainers compared to this fasion face-off.

So take your time and make a decision. It may be the most important vote you cast until the 2008 Presidential Election.

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yes , christina looks drop dead gorgeous , but fergie manages to look stunning WITHOUT her tits ready to pop out. i say go fergie


Fan are you seriously tone deaf????
Fergie more talented than Christina? In what country?? Fergie can sing yeah sure granted, but Christina just plain old skilled - and sexy too. She rocks that dress better than Fergie just as she rocks the singing better as well.


Christina! Definately!!
Shes amazin :]]




I think CHristina looks way hotter! Fergie looks like she is ready to burst from that dress. That dress is for a more petite girl like MZ. Christina!! She looks hot and is the best female singer ever!


I think christina aguilera looks better because the dress shows of her sexy body. Fergie looks pretty but i think she should of got a dress that shows her pretty body. You go christina. But fergie doeshave a little to much musel for that kind of dress you were right fia711.


I think that christina has the better look with that kind of dress. Don't get me wrong fergie looks good in that dress but she is a little musculer for that kind of dress. Christina does look sexier though.


Well, talent speaking Christina is way talented than Fergie or Beyonce or any of her contemporaries. Fergie on the other hand is probably lined up with Britney and other pop tarts.. Christina is sexier too... witness her Maxim cover which was the bestseller actually


Christina is like fire here. Really sexy and cute. Fergie is not bad but the dress shows her broad shoulders and she looks a bit too masculine for my liking.


the dresses are slightly differeny anyways.. and i like christina's more..the sexier style and how it fits. fergie looks good definitely but Xtina rocks it better