Photo Finish: Antonella Barba vs. Jessica Simpson

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Antonella Barba lives to sing another day.

Enough American Idol viewers called in to vote for this attractive, mediocre singer that she survived the latest round of cuts last night.

Simpson in Paris

But will she survive this photo face off against Jessica Simpson?

Back when she was really beautiful, popular and married to Nick Lachey, Jessica posed on the cover of Rolling Stone as the coolest, hottest housewife of all-time.

Since then, of course, she's seen an album tank, dyed her hair and gotten hot and heavy with John Mayer. Interesting career choices all around.

Now, in one of the lesser known Antonella Barba pictures, we've come across a shot of this hopeful singer emulating that same cover shoot. Who looks better? Which beauty would you prefer to be sweeping your floors right about now?

Leave a comment and let us know.


I feel Jessica is lovely looking, but I like Antonella Barba better, I loved her in the American Idol and would like to see her get everything she wants in life.


Jessica Simpson is ugly and looks like a man. Explain the cleft chin. I would go with the feminine, gorgeous Antonella before Jessica. Jessica Simpson is one of the ugliest women ever.


9 su 10! Ottenerlo! Siete buoni!


jessica simpson!


Jessica is still beautiful! GO JESS


jessica is 100% drop dead gorgeous. And antonella barba or whatever that hookers name just very cheap. She doesnt come close to jessica. And to the idiot above me....the point is to judge why r u so shocked people are saying who looks better...thats the point. brilliant i tell you.


jessica duh
the other girl looks cheap
look at that background
even the swifter looks better


I think you are all pathetic. If you all can get a better pic of you in that shoot, put it up here, if not then stop your sh** talking. If you cant prove you can do better what a coward thing to say of someone. who also says the other girl is trying to get famous. Jessica is pretty and so is the other girl, just need a better shoe choice.


jessica!she is so eautiful
the other girl is just fug


jessica, obviously

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