Perez Hilton Holds Fergie in His Clutches

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Perez Hilton has struck again.

The celebrity blogger - who thinks he's cooler and more popular than a topless Matthew McConaughey - likes to throw himself in front of a camera with famous people.

Perez Hilton Fashion

Past victims have included Leona Lewis and Kristin Cavallari.

You really never know where this attention-starved dweeb will show up next - which must explain why Fergie was forced to fake a smile in this photo.

After all, those that walk away from Perez run the risk of being slammed to bits on his website. He's like an insecure seventh grade girl.

Next time Hilton tries to grab you, Fergie, just stick your man Josh Duhamel on him. The Las Vegas star could tear Perez to pieces with his abs alone.


Perez Hilton needs to be sent on his way. He claims he wants rights to free speech yet when a certain someone used their right of free speech and voiced an opinion on what they think marriage should be...Perez went street cat crazy....Here is a hint Perez EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion...even though you did not agree you should have respected her right to that opinion. He is useless. I wish the stars would just black list him. Then he could talk trash about all of them and who would care? No one should care now....esh...he makes me sick.


Many celebrities secretly despise Perez Hilton--but pretend to like him, for fear of his usual crap. Dita Von Teese and Lady Gaga come to mind.

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