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Forgive us if we don't believe everything Howard K. Stern says.

But in a recently released statement, the immoral lawyer claims Anna Nicole Smith could have been saved if she'd been hospitalized before her death â€" but she refused emergency care, fearing a "media frenzy."

Playboy Bunny

After announcing Smith's autopsy results on Monday, Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Smith had been suffering from a stomach flu, a 105-degree fever and an infection from repeated drug injections.

At the same time, she was using a long list of medications, including the powerful sleeping drug chloral hydrate, methadone, valium, several antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs, longevity medications, vitamin B12 and growth hormone, the Associated Press reports. The loving mother of Dannielynn died from an accidental drug overdose.

If Smith had sought treatment for her flu, she might have been saved, Perper said, if only because her drug use could have been controlled:

"If she would have gone to the hospital she wouldn't have died because she wouldn't have had the opportunity to take the excessive amount of chloral hydrate."

But according to a statement from lawyers for Stern, she refused emergency care in the days before her death because "she did not want the media frenzy that follows her." We wish Larry Birkhead could've stepped in.

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A newly sober Britney Spears showed up to her dance class on Friday in good spirits... and sporting blue-tinted contacts instead of her regular brown eyes. At least she's still a wigger. Anyway, check out the photo comparison below...

Center Stage

We're not sure how we feel about the blue eyes... though we do prefer her new look as a whole over some of her old ones. At least she's not knocked up or bald, right?

Right. Also, TMZ reports that Britney Spears lost more than her baby browns in rehab. The pop princess dropped 10 pounds during her stay at Promises, and got her bad self buff - and buffed, thanks to spa treatments.

The rehab clinic allowed Cue Ball to be treated to several spa treatments that included skin cleansing, helping release toxins from her system.

We've been told that Britney's made a real and significant turnaround since she checked in to the Malibu rehab facility. Whether or not Jason Filyaw or Kevin Federline are responsible for that, we can't say.

But we're glad to see our girl on the mend.

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Keith Urban, who has battled cocaine and alcohol addiction, says his wife saved his life. But the kids from her previous marriage? Not so much.

While the 39-year-old country music star hopes one day to have children of his own, he says he doesn't spend much time with Nicole Kidman's kids.

Urban Outfitted

Those would be Connor and Isabella Cruise, Nicole's two adopted kids from her previous marriage with that psycho Tom Cruise.

"I don't get to see the kids as much as probably a lot of stepdads would, but it is a good relationship," he told the UK's Sunday Telegraph.

But the male half of Kurban promises he'd be much more hands-on with his own progeny than he is with any adopted Tom Cruise offspring.

"I am looking forward to fatherhood," he told the paper. "I have always wanted to be a good dad."

"My brother's got two kids and he's an excellent dad and I think we both have that sense of being home and being solid family guys."

She'd definitely be a pregnant beauty like Bridget Moynahan, but don't expect the 39-year-old Kidman to pose for any provocative "baby bump" pictures if the couple goes down that road.

"If we were plastered in the magazines all the time and got pictures willingly, it would wear off and probably people wouldn't want them so much," he says.

In an subtle dig at his insane predecessor, Keith adds: "I would just rather have a more quiet life, like we do. It is relatively quiet compared to most, I think."

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The world of the Lohans is back to normal:

Dina Lohan is self-absorbed and insane.


And Lindsay Lohan is skanking herself out. She's also on the prowl for a new man.

"I'm dating," Lohan, 20, told People magazine yesterday at the Los Angeles premiere of Showtime's The Tudors. "I'm really happy and I'm having fun."

The actress, who split with restaurateur Harry Morton last fall and was recently spotted hanging with Stavros Niarchos at Hollywood hot spot Teddy's, said she'd gleaned some important lessons from her stint at the Wonderland Center in L.A.

"There's no way you can't learn a lot in a program like that, and it's good," she said. "I recommend it for anyone who needs it."

Looks like Jesse Metcalfe was listening.
Meanwhile, post-rehab, Lohan has been a nightlife fixture, causing speculation that maybe she hasn't changed her lifestyle in the way Britney Spears obviously has.

"I'm hearing a lot of [critical] things if I go out, so that always sucks," she said. "But it's like, when do people not say it? They're always going to say things, so I expect it. But I'm feeling really good."

And what about those rumors linking her to oil heir Brandon Davis? "No, I'm not dating him," she said, then hinted: "It's no one here."

At the after-party, Lohan hung out in the VIP area at nightclub Les Deux chatting with British pop star Robbie Williams, who himself checked into rehab in February.

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Kristin Cavallari looks great.

[*BAD SEGUE ALERT*] Unfortunately, she couldn't admire her own beauty with 20-20 clarity until recently, when she had Lasik laser eye surgery to improve her vision.

Blonde KC

Without wasting much more of your time on the weirdest (and biggest non-story) post of the day, here are some pictures of the Laguna Beach star, looking stellar even in glasses, and preparing to go under the knife. Or lack thereof... 

Think Lauren Conrad is jealous? Does anyone know how acute Lauren Conrad's vision is? Too bad there's never been an episode of The Hills in which LC goes to the optomologist. Alright, we're moving on to other celebrity gossip now.

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Now this is breaking news.

Rapper Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, have agreed not to trash each other in public... for the sake of their daughter.

Slim Shady Security

The couple came to the decision during a court hearing in their native Michigan after Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) filed a motion Friday to slience Kim.

This came after she'd made numerous salacious comments about the rap star. Kim had told one TV interviewer that she'd been driven so far as to attempt suicide by Eminem.

Also recently, she told a radio station that he was unfaithful and uncaring during their time together, not to mention sexually "unathletic."

No word on whether this agreement includes the Internets, barring a potential Shanna Moakler-Travis Barker or Jenna Jameson-Jay Grdina MySpace feud.

The two got divorced late last year. It wasn't the first time.

After they split, Eminem probably gave the real slim shady to Mariah Carey, if you know what we mean. And if you know what we mean, let us know, will you? We're not sure.

In regards to his decision to stop talking about Kim and vice versa, Eminem didn't appear in court, but his lawyer said: "We're happy the court was able to bring this matter to a just and equitable resolution."

Hopefully, Britney and K-Fed continue getting along and find away to do the same... if only for the sake of Jayden James Federline.

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With his divorce from Pamela Anderson finalized, Kid Rock has been spotted with another blonde Andersen. Note the slightly different spelling.

Kid Rock Pic

We're talking about Danish model May Andersen.

Rock arrived hand-in-hand with Andersen on Sunday to Elton John's birthday concert in New York City.

The pair spent the three-hour-plus show sitting side-by-side, looking happy and comfortable together.

After John closed the show with "Your Song," Kid Rock and Andersen said bye to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and headed out, holding hands and smiling.

The pair also strolled hand-in-hand in New York City on Saturday and attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 12.

"They are dating," a source says. "They're having a lot of fun together. May dated (Jackass star) Steve-O. She likes rocker guys. And I hear he's really caring, really sweet."

Rock finalized his divorce from Pamela Anderson in January. The pair split in November after four months of marriage - a breakup we never saw coming.

Andersen, a Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, had her own troubles last year. She was arrested in April after allegedly hitting a flight attendant en route from Amsterdam to Miami.

Mary Weiland can take solace in the fact that Andersen was charged with misdemeanor simple battery and disorderly intoxication.

Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if she underwent an anger management program... hope you're reading this, Jason Wahler.

A rep for Rock was not immediately available for comment; Andersen's rep told People: "We do not comment on our clients' personal lives."

Thanks a lot. Here's another May Andersen photo for your reference:

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Her boyfriend was recently seen pumping gas.

In a related note, Jessica Simpson donated a new minivan - which uses gas to operate - to the Mexican orphanage she supports.

A Jessica Simpson Pregnant Pic

The pop star drew cheers when she drove through the gates of the Casa Hogar Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, in a white 2007 Chrysler Town & Country and handed the keys to Mama Lupita, who runs the home. It was her most charitable act since showing off her giant boobs for men everywhere.

"The kids were cheering when she pulled up," Simpson's rep told People magazine. "They surrounded the car and were so excited to see her. They kept saying, 'Muchas gracias! Muchas gracias!' A few of them spoke English and said, 'We love you, Jessica!' "

Which was helpful. Because Simpson knows Spanish about as well as Bridget Moynahan knows birth control.

Mama Lupita, who speaks little English, was the first to give Simpson a big hug.

"I'm so honored and happy to be able to help," said Simpson, who hugged Mama Lupita and the throng of kids who had waited anxiously to see her and presented her with gifts, including an engraved plaque with a photo of the kids and a beaded necklace they'd made for her.

It was probably a nicer gift than anything that loser, John Mayer, has gotten for her in weeks.

Simpson was there with her mother Tina (who rode in the passenger seat when her daughter drove the minivan onto the orphanage's grounds) and her crazy manager father, Joe Simpson.

Last fall, Simpson won a Chrysler Crossfire sports car at a swag suite at the MTV's Video Music Awards, but asked Chrysler to exchange it for a minivan so she could help out the orphanage.

A spokesperson for Chrysler confirmed: "Instead of the Chrysler Crossfire, she decided to get a minivan for the orphanage instead. She went for the Chrysler Town & Country."

The seven-passenger minivan even has a DVD player so the kids can watch their favorite movies when Mama Lupita drives them around. We heard they can't wait for Spider-Man 3!

Meanwhile, this post was sponsored by Chrysler.

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The wife of Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly burning his clothes outside their Southern California home, police said.

The alleged torching took place on Saturday after the two had fought at a nearby luxury hotel, which the couple left vandalized (Johnny Depp would undoubtedly be proud).

Scott Weiland Mug Shot

Mary Weiland, 31, was taken into custody after officers responded to a call on Saturday night that a female was setting clothes on fire at their home, said Sgt. Mathew Ferguson.

Police found a trash can full of smoldering clothes. Scott Weiland, 39, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, told police that his wardrobe was worth at least $10,000.

If only someone would torch Britney Spears' hideous wardrobe. Anyway. The alleged vandalism occurred at the boutique Graciela Hotel on Pass Avenue in Burbank earlier Saturday.

"Both rooms had damage and items scattered, broken plates and things. It was looking definitely like items were deliberately destroyed," Ferguson said.

Damage was said to be in excess of $400, or roughly the amount of money Tara Conner used to spend on alcohol per evening.

Once officers arrived, Mary Weiland, who was at the hotel with the couple's two children, Lucy, 4, and Noah, 6, voluntarily went to the police station to give a statement. Scott Weiland and his attorney later appeared to give a statement as well.

"She is a suspect in the vandalism. He is not," Ferguson said.

Well, that's fairly clear cut. Much like that sleaze bag Howard K. Stern being a suspect in murdering Anna Nicole Smith, while Larry Birkhead is not.

No charges were filed, though police say the hotel owners would have to decide if they wished to prosecute Mary Weiland for vandalism.

Mary will probably get a light sentence of community service. Maybe she can get some pointers from Naomi Campbell?

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Thanks again to for this coverage ...

Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough (Quick Step) - Apollo has officially impressed us. Didn't have high expectations for him coming in, but he really shows the potential to be a contender. Len said Apollo is going to stay for weeks and weeks. Bruno called it cool, fresh, young, and exciting. Carrie Ann was impressed with the footwork and sync. High praise all around, and deservedly so. The scores, (8, 9, 9). A great start to the night.

Kym and Hines Ward

Shandi Finnessey and Brian Fortuna (Mambo) - Their performance was good, but Shandi (pictured) still looks like she isn't quite getting the performance aspect of the contest. Her footwork was improved, her splits were impressive, and she clearly has an amazing body. What was missing was the passion and intensity of the mambo. Carrie Ann didn't think there was anything special about it. Len praised her footwork, but is critical of how she sold the performance. Bruno thought her performance suffered while she was worrying about the footwork. The scores, (6, 7, 7).

Clyde Drexler and Elena Grinenko (Quick Step) - Clyde's a good guy, but at this point it seems like he is lacking a bit of the personality that made Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith shine. He's just a little more reserved. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you are in a contest that features fan voting. Elena looked great in that blue dress. It was a pretty impressive dance. She tried to get Clyde a little further out of his shell, but he didn't really look comfortable doing it. Bruno praised Clyde's movement. Carrie Ann called it very smooth. Len thought they overcame a lot of their limitations. The scores, (6, 6, 6).

Leeza Gibbons and Tony Dovolani (Mambo) - She did an admirable job with the dance, but it looked like she was having a goof instead of actually trying to perform. She also suffered from not being quite as adept at finishing the moves as some of the other girls. She is 50, though, so props to her. Len thought it was precise, but a little careful. Bruno called it a proper mambo, but also didn't care for the performance of it. Carrie Ann called it fantastic. The scores, (7, 7, 7).

Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke (Quick Step) - Based on that performance, and considering that he has Cheryl for a partner, it's a safe bet that he will be around for a while. They had another nice performance. Great footwork, and they really do work well together. Cheryl Burke has a legitimate chance at the three-peat. Carrie Ann called it solid. Len agreed and added a couple pointers. Bruno also criticized his frame and called Ian a bunny rabbit. The scores, (7, 8, 7).

Paulina Porizkova and Alec Mazo (Mambo) - Her performance was very similar to Leeza's in that she did a nice dance, but also failed to really grasp the performance aspect of it. She should get a little bonus for the death drop at the end. Bruno liked her grace and elegance. Carrie Ann liked her extension. Len thought it could have been a little more raunchy. The scores, (7, 7, 7).

Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina Smirnoff (Quick Step) - Billy Ray really benefited from the new two performance start. He really was that bad last week. The second time was something of a charm though, as this was actually a pretty good showing. He still looks very out of place and you can tell how hard he has to concentrate, but he really sold it with that little solo bit at the end. That, and the possible power of Disney fans, may have saved him. Len thought it started rough, but finished strong. Bruno said he has gone from a bear to a southern gentleman. Carrie Ann voted Billy Ray the most improved. The scores, (7, 7, 7).

Heather Mills and Jonathan Roberts (Mambo) - Last week Heather overcame her physical disability, and this week she overcame her fashion disability. That dress last week really was horrible, wasn't it? In what became a continuing theme, Heather also struggled to get the performance of the mambo. However, she was very good technically with the steps, and the back walk over was very impressive. Any concerns that her leg may hold her back in the competition should be put to rest now. Carrie Ann was blown away by the difficulty. Len called it absolutely great. Bruno called her red hot Heather. The scores, (8, 8, 8).

John Ratzenberger and Edyta Sliwinska (Quick Step) - For a guy that is "that old," as he puts it, he really moves quite well. Edyta was as solid as ever. Bruno thought he got the character just right. Carrie Ann liked the pizazz. Len called it a great performance. The scores, 7 - 7 - 7.

Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Mambo) - More than any of the other ladies, she really got the mambo. We worry that she may be the contestant that is hampered by the fan vote, but so far she is doing well for herself. Len called it the best mambo of the night. Bruno said she was simply irresistible. Carrie Ann thought it was hot hot hot. The scores (9, 9, 9).

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson (Quick Step) - He's funny and charming, and it's hard not to root for the guy. That will carry a team far in this competition. Another great performance. Great dancing, coupled with performance that is a step above. Joey continues to be the leader in the clubhouse. Carrie Ann said Joey had the complete package. Len mentioned a couple funny foot things, but thought it was very strong. Bruno said it was great. The scores, (8, 8, 8).

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