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Watching Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol is awkward.

Running into your ex on national TV? That's downright excruciating. Unfortunately, such a fate recently fell upon Hilary Duff.

The Duffster

"I just did TRL today and [Joel Madden] was there, and it was the first time we'd seen each other and it was so, like, nerve-racking," Duff, 19, told People magazine Monday at the 18th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. "I knew that he was going to be there and he knew. It is what it is."

Showing maturity for her age, Duff said "it's life" when asked more about the encounter. She then said "it's slutty" when asked about her current wardrobe.

Since their breakup, Madden has been dating Nicole Richie, whule Duff has been single (something she's called "kind of exciting").

Nevertheless, Duff told the non-gay Ryan Seacrest in January that she and her ex keep in touch and have "a great relationship."

But was their run-in awkward? "It was a little strange at first, but I wish nothing but good for him and I know that he wishes the same for me," Duff said. "I'm happy and he's happy and I think that's all that counts."

Well, that and whatever the next round at Hyde will be.

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Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are not getting back together!

Well, romantically, at least. That's been his stance from the get-go. But the Bosh reports that the two are set to record a duet.

Spears Bikini Pic

JT is confident the record can help Britney Spears rebuild her faltering pop career and get her back on track.

"Britney was extremely touched that Justin had been in contact. Going into the studio is Justin's way of helping her get better," a source says.

The pair are planning to visit a L.A. recording studio with Timbaland to re-record the Motown classic "You're All I Need to Get By" - originally a hit for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1968.

Earlier this month, Timbaland approached Justin, who first met Spears while starring on "The Mickey Mouse Club" and dated her for four years, to help propel Britney back to the top of the charts.

"I feel her pain, it really bothers me," Timbaland said. "I asked Justin, 'How would you feel about me working with Britney? Would you do it with me?' He said he would - if she's serious."

Britney checked out of rehab last week. Shortly before she was admitted, she shocked the public with bizarre behavior such as shaving her head.

The sober bald beauty stepped out in public for the first time with two of her girlfriends, Spears took a one-hour dance class at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood on Friday, March 23.

Later that evening, a blue-eyed Spears and three girlfriends met up for a sushi dinner at trendy Japanese fusion joint SHU-Sushi House Unico. Too bad a newly-single Timberlake missed out!

Hopefully, this is a sign of a healthy Britney getting her life back on track. Surely Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline will appreciate it.

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Apparently, a few people sang on American Idol last night.

That's what we've been told, at least. But forgive us by being distracted by Sanjaya Malakar; or, more specifically, his hair. If that's what you can even call last night's mohawk-like mop atop his head.

Diddy Dirty Money on Idol

The contestant that actually manages to leave Simon Cowell speechless due to his poor performances attempted to make like a rock star last night. Instead, he made the blue hair on that loser, Perez Hilton, look cool.

In actual singing news from the show: Guest judge Gwen Stefani helped the Idols choose songs that were actually written in the last quarter century. A nice change of pace from previous editions.

As usual, Melinda Doolittle was impressive. And Blake Lewis cemented his status as the male to beat at least.

It's hard to say who will get voted off tonight, but Haley Scarnato may be in trouble. If that's the case, we have some advice for this American Idol cutie:

Show up topless. That seems to be the attention-grabbing strategy of former Idol hopeful, Alaina Alexander.

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You're not being punk'd. Well, probably not.

T.H. Gossip recalls that MTV did announce it was canning the show once before, only to run it back with several more seasons.

Ashton Kutcher at New Year's Eve Premiere

But this time, it looks like the affable Ashton Kutcher is pulling the plug on his popular gag show for good after eight stellar seasons.

The final season of MTV's Punk'd, which premieres April 10, will showcase Hilary Swank, Magic Johnson, Nelly Furtado and Jewel getting served.

For those who can't wait that long for their celebrities-getting-hosed fix, Rumer Willis' stepdad will host a "sneak peek marathon" on April 7 in which all eight episodes will air in succession.

Finally, on June 5, Kutcher will host the special "Punk'd Awards," to commemorate his life's work. Which is actually a pretty funny show.

Some of the many Punk'd career highlights:

  • Tricking Halle Berry into thinking she couldn't get into a movie premiere... of her own film.
  • Making Lindsay Lohan believe she made a limo driver miss his child's birth.
  • Convincing Justin Timberlake that he failed to pay the IRS, and as a result, the government was confiscating all of his belongings.
  • Staging a carjacking and police standoff during Hilary Duff's driver education class (in our opinion, his finest hour).
  • Watching Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo freak the f--- out as waitresses hit on her boyfriend, Chris Ivery.

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When Andy Baldwin takes center stage on the new edition of The Bachelor, which premieres next week, he'll certainly have some tough choices.

One is a lawyer who's also a bodybuilder. That's hard core. Another will sing the national anthem to a guy in the first episode. There's a former beauty queen in there too (sadly, her name isn't Katie Rees - she's a one-time Miss Illinois).

Brad and Emily Pic

And there are 22 more.

Subtitled "Officer and a Gentleman," the 10th edition of The Bachelor will feature Andy Baldwin, a 30-year-old doctor and lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, surrounded by 25 women all looking for the man of their dreams.

The show debuts at 9:45 p.m. next Monday, April 2. We can't wait.

As usual, the festivities begin with the women arriving via limousine. But unlike past seasons of The Bachelor, Baldwin must give a rose to one of them as soon as she says hello.

ABC notes that Linda, the aforementioned bodybuilder, challenges Baldwin (a veteran triathlete not related to Alec Baldwin) to a push-up contest. Another lovely lady does backflips in her evening gown. Ten women go home on the first night, with one of them really not happy about it.

Maybe this time will be the charm for the lucky lady. None of the past seasons of The Bachelor have spawned an actual lasting marriage. That's right. We're talking 0-9.

It's worth noting that The Bachelorette spinoff star, Trista Rehn (now Trista Sutter) is married to Ryan Sutter, however. She's also pregnant with their first child! Congrats, Trista and Ryan!

As for last year's Bachelor, Lorenzo Borghese? He could still make it 1-8... sort of. In terms of entertainment, he set the bar pretty high for Andy Baldwin after choosing Jennifer Wilson in the season finale, only to dump her for runner-up Sadie Murray after the show ended.

Follow the link below for the first names, occupations and hometowns of the 25 would-be wives on this season's exciting season of The Bachelor ...

Continue Reading...

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Sometimes, life as The Hollywood Gossip is almost too easy. Celebrity stories converge like Alaina Alexander and the realization that nude pictures make you famous.

To wit:

Ol' Crazy Eyes

Earlier today, we reported that Lindsay Lohan was dating someone. The rehabbed, young actress was mum on the identity of this unlucky fellow, however.

A few hours later, word broke that James Blunt and Petra Nemcova had called it quits. Apparently, the super model had finally heard "You're Beautiful" one too many times. Welcome to the club, Petra.

And now, x17online - the celebrity photography company - is reporting that these two events may be linked. In other words: Blunt has experienced the Firecrotch first hand. Or maybe mouth.

Here's how x17online reported the story:

... when Lindsay Lohan rolled up to [club] Teddy's Wednesday night she wasn't riding in her own SUV ... she was riding in [a] Camry that belongs to none other than James Blunt! After getting down at Teddy's, the new couple headed back to Lindsay's place in James' car where James stayed until the wee hours of the morning (our photogs left at 5 am yesterday, and he still hadn't come out!)! Stick that in your Blunt and smoke it!

So there you have it. Proof as clear as Britney Spears' new blue eyes that Lohan and Blunt shagged rotten.

We just hope he hasn't stopped rinsing himself off since.

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This isn't the typical story about Heather Mills going crazy and beating anyone up with her fake leg.

No random photographers in England have been kicked in the butt recently by the gold digger.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough Picture

Instead, we're actually gonna give Mills some props. On Dancing with the Stars last night, she performed a rather impressive spin move, one many two-legged people probably could not pull off.

Along with partner Jonathon Roberts, Heather earned a respectable score of 24. We doubt Paul McCartney called to congratulate her - but maybe this gave the former call girl something to be proud of for once.

Still, we don't see her and Roberts outlasting Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson for the Dancing with the Stars crown. Those two are really good.

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Antonella Barba nude photos have begun a trend.

As most readers know by now, that American Idol contestant lasted longer in the competition that she probably should have if it were based on singing talent alone. Not that Barba couldn't use her mouth well.

Anyway. Since Antonella has been voted off the FOX show, Haley Scarnato has attempted to fill the "average singer that remains on the stage due to hotness" void.

And she's done an admirable job of it.

Now, though, it looks like Alaina Alexander is hoping to cash in on her looks and vocal abilities.

The former American Idol contestant was voted out on March 1 - but she's recently updated her MySpace account to include some Barba-like photos.

And can you really blame Alaina? Even Jenna Fischer is going naked these days. It's just the thing to do if you wanna garner attention and have a pair of working boobs.

No one had to tell Kim Kardashian that.

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The incomparable Posh & Becks were reportedly all kinds of f*%ked up after a drunken night out with rap mogul Diddy in London.

Diddy's in town on business (though he reportedly canceled his tour with Snoop Dogg) but found time to met up with the hot couple at London's Automat Bar.

Becks at the TCAs

Sources say a couple of hours of Cristal swigging left David Beckham and Victoria Beckham almost crawling to their car. Lightweights. Peep these pics:

What a couple of hacks. Don't they know that Scientology doesn't permit this kind of hard-core substance abuse? Bad Posh. TomKat is not gonna be pleased.

Incidentally, what is that metrosexual ass clown wearing? Just because you got a big contract and you're moving to L.A. doesn't mean you have to look like a tool. Or maybe it does. The L.A. Galaxy may have written a clause in. We really don't know.

No word on whether any large breasts were on display during this boozefest. It's a pretty safe bet, though, given who we're dealing with.

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Before we begin this week's recap of The Hills, let us just reiterate a few points:

  • Don't you just love Whitney?
  • Don't you want to beat the ever-loving snot out of that disgusting ass clown Spencer, possibly with a baseball bat, then kick him in the ribs repeatedly as he writhes in pain on the ground?

Okay. Sorry. We had to get that off our collective chest.

Furry Friend

As Whitney Port, who plays a larger-than-usual role in this episode, gets ready to graduate from college, she ponders her future in the fashion biz. Whitney asks her boss, Lisa Love, if there are any opportunities at Teen Vogue, and whether she'd be considered.

Lisa tells her there is a position (the nebulous "Fashion Contributor") that is going to be opening up at Teen Vogue, but some other interns have similar qualifications as Whit and will be interviewing for it too.

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad and Whitney work with that, like, kinda bitchy New York all-star intern, Emily, on a Good Morning America Oscar piece. A Vogue big shot is at the studio with the girls, and picks Whitney out of the crowd to, like, model one of the dresses!

Emily stews as the head honcho vows to put old girl Whitney Port on TV in one of Hilary Swank's Oscar dresses. OMFG!

But the meaning of the episode title, "Everybody Falls," hits home on the day of the shoot when Whitney tumbles down the steps on live TV. It was mortifying. That snarky little b!tch Emily even smirked at Whit's mishap.

After the taping, Lauren (in a cute role reversal) does her best to comfort her friend, who is understandably devastated by the mistake.

All is well the next day, however, as Lisa gives Whitney great praise for handling the incident with class and grace under fire. Lisa wishes to send her - with a high recommendation - to NYC to interview for the Teen Vogue position opening up.

Audrina Patridge is nowhere to be found, and even LC is hardly featured in this episode. Mainly it's Whitney and Heidi and Spencer - who bicker, once again, over moving in together.

Heidi says there is a trust factor between them, to which Spencer pretends to be shocked. Spencer and Heidi argue about her intentions and puts the pressure on. To make a long story short, this stuck up prick gives her an ultimatum to move in with him or let him slut around with the rest of L.A.

When a distraught Heidi gives that slimy Spencer Pratt her final "no" on moving in, and he throws her out of his car. The conversation went like this:

Spencer Pratt: "You need to tell me your final answer."
Heidi Montag: "Well, like, my answer is no."
Spencer Pratt: "Fine, then my answer is get the hell out of my car."

But don't start crying for Heidi Montag (or celebrating the departure of Spencer) just yet. The previews for next week's season finale show Heidi pulling away in, like, a moving truck and looking back at a tearful LC.

Way to stick to your guns, babe. And on a side note, does anyone else think it's weird that The Hills gives away everything in its previews? Some shows tease you a little, but you basically know what's going on from the second you catch scenes from the next episode. Weird!

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