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When you're a big-time Hollywood skank, you need a nice place to bring your prey back to.

We just wonder if James Blunt would look at the pictures below and say to them, "You're beautiful."

Such Trash

Blunt, of course, is rumored to be the latest boy toy of Lindsay Lohan. And the images below are courtesy of the latest major purchase made by this queen of the firecrotch community: a Midtown Manhattan hi-rise, mid-century-decorated condo.

The price Lindsay paid for the pad hasn't been disclosed - but we do know the building has a gym, sauna and indoor pool, along with rooftop billiard lounge. Just think of all the places she could have sex with Brody Jenner now. 

Lohan, meanwhile, is 20 years old. And she lives in a unit that's also home to its own volleyball court and basketball court. But you're right, Dina Lohan, it's all totally normal.

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If you catch our paraphrased Star Trek drift, it looks like Josh Henderson is preparing to boldly go where only a few hundred men have gone before.

What we're saying is that the Desperate Housewives actor is getting cozy with Paris Hilton and it's only a matter of time before he waxes that booty. Let's be honest with ourselves. She gets around... like a record. No offense, Stavros Niarchos.

Hilton Lives!

The cute new duo shared a late dinner at West Hollywood hotspot eatery Koi Tuesday - and it looks like PDA was on the menu. "They weren't very shy about showcasing their affection," kissing and touching each other," a fellow diner reports.

One can only wonder how Desperate co-star Eva Longoria feels about Josh's conquest. We have a pretty good idea what another co-star, Jesse Metcalfe, is thinking. He's indifferent - that stud can sleep with whatever girl he wants.

And we all know what Randy Spelling is thinking. Something along the lines of: "Good thing I tapped that before she became a disease-ridden waste."

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Looks like readers of The Hollywood Gossip may not be the only ones to have seen Alaina Alexander nude recently.

The sexy American Idol castoff top ten finalist Chris Richardson may have sparked more than just a friendship on the show, if reports from are to be believed.

An inside source revealed that the pair "hit it off instantly," and even after the busty songstress was voted off American Idol, their relationship is afloat.

The spy said that what these two share is "beyond just friends." That would certainly help explain why Alaina has a picture of herself and Richardson on her MySpace page.

Also adding fuel to the romance rumors: last week when FOX panned the audience to show Richardson's adoring friends and family, Alaina just happened to be in the crew. While it's obvious this beauty is after Antonella Barba-like attention, it's also likely her appearance in the crowd was in support of C-Rich.

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Ray J.

Kim Kardashian.

Ben Flajnik Shirtless Image

Some things are just meant to be together.

With this philosophy in mind, ESPN and ABC decided to collaborate with the Sports Gal for weekly recaps of The Bachelor, the new season of which debuts Monday.

Her recaps will run Tuesdays after the show.

Suffice it to say, the Sports Gal's worse half, the Sports Guy (a.k.a. Bill Simmons) is pretty psyched up about her efforts, which will run alongside his ESPN columns.

He writes:

"She's aiming for four paragraphs per recap. So alert your girlfriends, wives, mistresses and platonic female friends that you're secretly trying to sleep with - on April 2, the Sports Gal returns. In the words of Pete Carroll, I'm as shocked as you guys."

Well put. Like the Sports Gal, T.H. Gossip will be tracking the progress of Andy Baldwin as he attempts to follow in the footsteps of Lorenzo Borghese.

And after what he pulled with Sadie Murray, those are some big footsteps.

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Giant boobs.

They're pretty synonymous with Victoria Beckham.

Posh Spice Does Business in London

And while one can forgive David Beckham for being attracted to them, there is just something we have to get off our chest (pun…. intended).

It's amazing someone as well-endowed as Posh Spice has not realized that women typically wear bras under thin T-shirts or revealing tops like this one…

Then again, the woman hangs out with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, so it's not like she's a beacon of common sense to start with.

Nevertheless, what the hell is she thinking? Sure, we're always happy to post these pictures on The Hollywood Gossip dot com. And we don't mind looking at them for our own enjoyment, either. It'll certainly make great reality TV fodder.

But think of the example she's setting for her son (pictured with her). Is this what he's going to grow up thinking is normal? Crazy drunk cyborgs for parents?

Just watch. The kid is going to form a celebrity toddler support group with Sean Preston.

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Rachel Smith was recently named Miss USA. It's quite the honor, especially given the large, drunken shoes left for her by Tara Conner.

But compared to the Miss FHM crown, does anyone even care about the woman representing our country? Diana Chiafair hopes not.

The Fort Lauderdale beauty was named by readers of FHM as this year's winner. Here's a snippet of the interview she gave soon after receiving the news:

How has your life changed since you became Miss FHM?
There's a lot more traveling. My girlfriends are excited for the parties and stuff. They're always like, "What party is next?" I've never really been a huge partier, but it's fun for them.


What have guys done to get your attention?
I've had a couple of marriage proposals. I guess they're not used to meeting a good girl who does stuff like pose in sexy outfits. I think they like the idea of a pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders. They'll say, "You don't find that often. Will you marry me?"

Bam Margera had the honor of having you escort him into the bachelor party FHM Online recently threw him. What did you think of that experience?

It was wild! They were really cool but, for me, I'm not really in the party scene. I kind of just sat there and took it all in. I was like, "Wow!"

Based on the pictures of Chiafair we've uncovered, let's introduce her to Katie Rees as soon as possible.

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You don't hear too much about Michelle Williams these days. Maybe that's a good thing. The former Dawson's Creek star seems content to stay out of the spotlight, chilling with Heath Ledger and their daughter, Matilda.

Thus, when we came across these pictures today, we were somewhat taken aback by the actress' cuteness. So we present to you these recent pics of Michelle. We know, we know. It's not as interesting to read about as Jessica Smith getting arrested... or as lewd as the Kim Kardashian sex tape stills.

Michelle Williams at the Oscars

But that's okay, because Michelle Williams is a cutie:

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Former Laguna Beach star Jessica Smith was arrested for driving under the influence on Monday on a freeway near Laguna Beach, the California Highway Patrol reports.

The 19-year-old Laguna Beach alumna was driving her 1999 Volkswagen Bug (loser!) with one other passenger inside when her car rear-ended an Acura.

Jessica Smith Mug Shot

The wreck was due to Jessica Smith's "level of intoxication, unsafe speed, and wet roadway conditions," a CHP statement read.

Well, at least one out of the three factors wasn't her fault. She was arrested on a felony DUI charge and booked at the Orange County Jail.

The driver of the Acura, Roy Hernandez of Lake Forest, Calif., sustained minor injuries. The passenger in Jessica Smith's car, Lindsay Cooper, 20, suffered minor injuries.

Smith is still being held in an Orange County jail. Her bail was set at $100,000, and she is due in court tomorrow morning. Maybe pal Kristin Cavallari can bail her out.

Smith dated co-star Jason Wahler on Season 2 of the show. After they broke up, the couple totally hooked up again - when he was seeing Lauren Conrad. Drama!

Then, last season, with all her classmates graduated, Jessica Smith was, like, totally "that girl" who hung around town and couldn't leave high school behind.

She appeared on Season 3 on a regular basis as the girlfriend of junior Cameron Brinkman... as long as his friends or other hookup possibilities weren't around.

Incidentally, Wahler was recently sentenced to jail time for his role in an assault case last year. Maybe he and Jessica can commiserate. Somehow we forgot to list Jessica in our Jason Wahler DUI sweepstakes. We also left off Taboo. Shame.

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Before the sex tapes.

Before Stavros Niarchos.

Saluting the Troops

Before Kim Kardashian stole her nude thunder.

There was Randy Spelling.

According to the son of the late television producer, he was the first - of many, many ... many - to have sexual intercourse with Paris Hilton. He recently recounted the experience, which reportedly took place in Palm Springs when she was 15 and he was 17, and then said Paris even acknowledged it herself recently at a Hollywood club:

"She came up to me and she was like, 'I want to say hi to Randy.' She was like, 'Randy took my virginity. I want to say hi.'"

Naturally. Who doesn't make that sort of announcement? And who wouldn't believe everything the brother of Tori Spelling had to say?

We just wonder if he cheated on her with Ashlee Simpson, as well.

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Taboo, a member of the hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas, was arrested on DUI charges last night after he crashed his car.

The incident happened about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.

Very Taboo Photo

No word on whether fellow Black Eyed Peas Fergie or have spoken to Taboo.

According to police, Taboo - a.k.a. Jaime Luis Gomez - was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of a prescribed medication without a prescription, and driving under the influence.

That's a stellar combination of substances that would make Nicole Richie proud. Maybe they were even hanging out together before the wreck.

Taboo is the latest D-list celebrity to be arrested, following the likes of Jason Wahler. Congratulations on this high honor, man.

Get it? He was stoned! Anyway, check out our full gallery of celebrity mug shots.

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