The investigative staff of TMZ has learned that the Beverly Hills Police Department is investigating Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden after a female photographer filed a report claiming he attacked her.

The incident took place during a violent confrontation Sunday night, in which the wannabe bad boy and his anemic girlfriend, Nicole Richie, went out to dinner at a Beverly Hills hot spot.

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In Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder played a lovable loser - but the 2004 indie hit turned the actor into an unlikely heartthrob.

Asked in the April issue of Elle - the one with Rachel McAdams on the cover - if there was a "buffet of eager women" waiting for him after the movie came out, Heder jokes:

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Really, what's one more hit, shot or injection gonna do?

Below, the UK's uber couple, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, walk the red carpet for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007 in London. Chances are good, however, that they have no idea where they are right now. Seriously, has there ever been a bigger junkie than this guy? Or a more wasted celebrity couple than PeteMoss?

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