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The Hollywood Gossip has learned that Nicole Richie has been hospitalized after falling ill on the set of her reality series, the Simple Life.

According to a source close to Richie, the 25-year-old "actress," who may be going to prison soon, was rushed to the hospital after she started to feel faint and dizzy after 20 hours of filming.

What a Cute Baby

THG NOTE: Food generally helps prevent dizziness and fainting. Just saying.

The 85-pound waif was on call until 2 a.m. last night, and was required back on the set a few hours later. After a brief nap, Richie was hurried through hair and make-up and was unable to eat due to raging anorexia a very tight shooting schedule.

Simple Life producers later rushed Nicole Richie to the hospital after she began to complain that she felt dizzy. At the hospital, Richie was given fluids and food and was promptly released.

Someone get Keira Knightley to that hospital ASAP!

"Nicole has gained weight and is doing really well," says the source. She is proud of that. The producers overreacted - she didn't need to go to the hospital."

Come on, source. No one passes out due to exhaustion or dehydration unless they run marathons or don't eat. And we know Nicole doesn't do running. It's too bad Brody Jenner couldn't fulfill his relationship goal.

Maybe Joel Madden can get this girl a hot beef injection, if you know what we are talking about. Following her brief hospital stay, Richie's rep issued this statement:

"Nicole is home resting and will return to work this evening. We are proud of the weight that Nicole is gaining and her focus on her health."

On a related note, Antonella Barba will be focusing on keeping herself clothed.

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Antonella Barba nude, in the pages of Playboy?

Sounds like an ideal match, doesn't it? Almost as compatible as Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bra commercial.

Hugh Hefner, New Girlfriend

If it were up to Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, a deal would already be on the naked table.

"She really looks sexy here," Hef said upon seeing a few Antonella Barba pictures.

Asked if he would consider making Antonella an offer to pose for the publication should she be voted off American Idol any time soon, Hugh answered: "Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely."

This isn't the first time a celebrity in the news for sexy photos has been rumored to pose for Playboy.

Tara Conner still might bare all if men across the nation have their say.

Hefner, who knows a thing or two about nudity in photos - and in life - says those that call for American Idol to remove the 20-year-old's saucy pictures are "hypocritical and dumb."

"I think in America we have a very strange attitude toward sexuality and nudity, and it makes no real sense," he told USA Today.

The Hollywood Gossip staff agrees. So does Kate Moss, evidently.

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Anna Nicole Smith was laid to rest on Friday in a mahogany coffin draped in a rhinestone-studded, pink feathered blanket. Hundreds gathered in a Bahamian church to say goodbye to the former Playboy model and occasional actress.

In signature Anna Nicole style, the coffin was received on a red carpet before being wheeled inside Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Nassau, Bahamas.

Playboy Bunny

According to the Associated Press, Richard Milstein, the court-appointed advocate for Smith's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, called for "respect and solemnity" for all those congregating outside.

"Today we share our grief with all of you. ... Today we come to you to carry out the final, most sacred, solemn act provided to any individual," he said.

Shortly before the funeral commenced, Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, reportedly tried to halt her daughter's burial and take her remains to Texas. A Supreme Court justice denied the motion and the funeral continued as planned.

And not everyone in the crowd was there to support Smith. Some thought paying so much attention to this event was akin to Antonella Barba pics gracing the front page of The New York Times.

"She's got a presidential kind of media frenzy going on," a 59-year-old nurse from Columbus, Ohio, told the Associated Press. "I'm just incredulous at all the fuss. She was not a world figure. She was not a queen. She was not a president. She was not anything ... It's just way over the top."

Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, and her former boyfriend Larry Birkhead were both present at the service, but Dannielynn (of whom both Stern and Birkhead claim to be the father) was not in attendance.

We don't know whether or not Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was present.

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We know, we know: there are few things less shocking in this world than Kate Moss nude?

And that even includes Moss taking back Pete Doherty after his latest brush with the law.

Kate Moss at Ivy

Nevertheless, we figured it was worth informing our readers that the model and former cocaine addict is gracing the cover of Numero, a Japanese publication.

And she isn't wearing a shirt!

Sorry, guys, there are no giant boobs to be seen. But there are plenty of ribs and tiny waist lines to take a gander at on this tiny beauty. She and Keira Knightley really need to sit down for a meal together.

Anyway, Moss appears without a top on the cover of a magazine during the same week that Keeley Hazell is also almost nude for the world to see. Which, really, isn't news, either. Sorry about that.

We'll try to stick with more unexpected stories in the future. Like the fact that Charlotte Church is pregnant. Congrats to the singer are in order.

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Everyone together now: Awww!!!

For those that thought it doesn't get much cuter than Brad Pitt, try this picture on for size: Brad Pitt and his adorable daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

Worried About Shiloh!

The famous father and his celebrity baby were downright delicious on the set of his new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this week. And the proud papa will soon have another tyke to carry around, now that partner Angelina Jolie is child shopping in Vietnam.

Just look at that cutie pie, Shiloh. She's pulling a Jake Gyllenhaal, chock full of unbridled enthusiasm over a new little relative in her life. What a mature toddler.

We just hope Maddox and Zahara feel the same way ...

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Antonella Barba lives to sing another day.

Enough American Idol viewers called in to vote for this attractive, mediocre singer that she survived the latest round of cuts last night.

Simpson in Paris

But will she survive this photo face off against Jessica Simpson?

Back when she was really beautiful, popular and married to Nick Lachey, Jessica posed on the cover of Rolling Stone as the coolest, hottest housewife of all-time.

Since then, of course, she's seen an album tank, dyed her hair and gotten hot and heavy with John Mayer. Interesting career choices all around.

Now, in one of the lesser known Antonella Barba pictures, we've come across a shot of this hopeful singer emulating that same cover shoot. Who looks better? Which beauty would you prefer to be sweeping your floors right about now?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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Britney Spears took a break from rehab.

Don't worry, though, fans. She didn't flee the clinic, pound a bottle of Jim Beam and rage against paparazzi. This time, the break was for more rehab.

Giving Her All

The fallen star with the shaved head wore a wig underneath a brown hat, and was reportedly heading to an AA meeting in Santa Monica last night, smiling all the way.

Britney was escorted into the support group by her assistant, and returned to Promises treatment center - where she's apparently staying after two failed attempts at getting her act together - right after the meeting.

Reports indicate the rehab center is saying Britney Spears has depression, but may not have a substance abuse problem.

We know Britney has been using cocaine and other hard drugs (a fact that Jason Alexander told us) a side effect of which is depression. AA is for alcoholics, of course, so does this mean the docs are trying to say alcohol doesn't constitute substance abuse?

Whatever. It just seems as though almost everyone - except, ironically, Kevin Federline - around Britney is enabling her problems with their co-dependent behavior.

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. The mother of five-month-old Jayden James Federline has to admit she has a problem, face reality, and keep getting help. And Brit, help doesn't mean getting boned by Isaac Cohen. Hopefully you've learned that by now.

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The Hollywood Gossip loves Rachel Bilson.

But we have never seen images of the former star of The OC quite like this before. Except for when she was dressed like this on The OC. Sorta. Wow. Adam Brody has got to be kicking himself right now (if he's not still sore, that is).

Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar

When we first saw these Rachel Bilson pictures, our first reaction was that of shock. After all, these are pictures of Rachel Bilson dressed up and looking like some sultry dominatrix ready to get kinky with whips, handcuffs and the like.

But she's still got that trademark smile on her face, which makes it hard to get over the fact that she's still the same, sweet, adorable actress from a teen drama we used to enjoy. We don't mean to criticize - far from it - she just seems a little out of place here. Although her character in The Last Kiss was a little more grown up...

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There will be no nude Jennifer Love Hewiit outside of her own shower any time soon.

Sorry, guys.

Jennifer Love Hewitt at Breaking Dawn Premiere

Finally, however, this actress has realized where her skills are best put to use. And it ain't whispering with any ghosts.

Hewitt is the giant boobs face of a new Hanes bra commercial. Victoria Beckham must've been too busy dyeing her hair blonde and preparing for her new reality TV show to audition for the campaign.

We don't know if other busty women were considered for this role - such as Jessica Simpson or Elizabeth Hurley - but we do know Jennifer Love is a fine choice.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes clip of the shoot:


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The amazing Fergie was spotted yesterday in her early morning exercise routine in a West Hollywood park. The Fergalicious one shows that in order to keep her body vicious, she's gotta make herself work. Make-her make-her WORK! Sorry.

Fergie in Blue

Unlike the Britney Spears workout, which involves heavy breathing (in, of smoke) and heavy lifting (of the martini glass), and recreational drug use, Fergie's exercise regimen includes a series of stretches, yoga poses and lifting.

Now you can see how The Dutchess got that bod. Josh Duhamel, you lucky dog. We sure are jealous. Fergie's almost is chiseled as Matthew McConaughey!

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