Nicole Richie is "Hypoglycemic," PR Person Says

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The troubles on the set of The Simple Life - Nicole Richie collapsing on set late last week and being hospitalized for dehydration earlier this month - are the result of something new, her rep says.

Hypoglycemia. Which we all know does not exist.

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Much like "exhaustion" or "chronic fatigue."

"In her ongoing effort to focus on her well-being, Nicole has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia" or low blood sugar, her spokesperson said.

Nicole Richie, 25, announced in October that she was seeking treatment for what her rep described as an "inability to put on weight."

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likes to call it "being an anorexic waif."

And though she and Paris Hilton work as counselors at a health camp on the fifth season of their E! reality show, Richie's own physical "issues" have recently taken center stage.

"Despite the efforts of Brody Jenner, a source says, "Four or five times she's felt really faint and almost passed out. She has to go into her trailer for a good part of the day."

But Richie's representative tells the media that since the "actress" got her hypoglycemia "diagnosis," she is taking steps to manage it.

Adds a Simple Life spokesperson: "Nicole has reported to work each day and the results have been fantastic."

We're guessing by fantastic, they mean boring, staged and utterly unwatchable. Not unlike just about anything Keanu Reeves stars in.

Meanwhile, Richie is due to appear in court on April 2 to face misdemeanor charges stemming from a December DUI arrest in Los Angeles. She pleaded not guilty on February 20.

She weighs 85 pounds.


'The older I get, the more this epidemic of ignorance-and the fact that it is always the most ignorant people who feel the need to share their opinions-disgusts me.' agreed, honestly.-_____-*
ignorant people give me headaches


'Hypoglycemia. Which we all know does not exist.'
wooooaaah! whoever posted this needs to read up a bit on the subject.
saying it doesn't exist just makes you sound a bit ignorant.0___o
sorry, by the way, not trying to sound like a bitch, just pointing out the fact.
it does in fact exist, it's very real, and do your research next time.


I have had problems with low blood sugar for years and yes you just get completly disfunctional when the blood sugar drops its not the numbers that are the main focus in the problem but how fastit drops.


She Looks Discusting


seriously, hypoglycemia is a real problem. I'm not commenting on whether this is really the problem here. However, if you've ever been hit with uncontrollable shakiness, which can only be remedied by sugar (a coke and a candy bar used to work for me), then yoiu know what's going on. I just don't want people out there saying it's not real, because it very much is.


Hypoglycemia actually does exist, it's just not nearly as serious as it's counterpart. It's the oppositie of hypERglycemia, also know as diabetes (obviously). Some people are born with the tendancy to have lower blood sugar than most. However, unlike diabetes, it is a lot easier to manage by doing things like EATING which she seems to not understand. The simple act of eating cottage cheese or an apple can bring a hypoglycemic's blood sugar back up to normal range. Alcohol also is harder on people who have hypoglycemic tendancies and can make them feel sick, faint, ect the day after they drink until they eat a good meal. I think she's just trying to give an excuse for her weight, even though her weight should be the excuse for her hypoglycemia. If she had a good hamburger once in awhile I can garauntee she'd feel a lot better!


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