Michael Jackson, Kids Return to the U.S.A.

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What's freakier than a Janice Dickinson crotch shot?

How about Michael Jackson doing just about anything!

Rest in Peace MJ

With armed security and entourage in tow, Mr. Neverland and his hooded, veiled freak show children landed at LAX Wednesday, after their circus barnstorming tour of Japan and England.

Debbie Rowe and the mother ship were nowhere to be found, but Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson and Prince Michael II, a.k.a. Blanket, followed their freaky (King of?) Pop through security en route to ground transportation.... 

PHOTO CREDITS: Bauer-Griffin

The gang allegedly flew commercial. Suckers. Gone are the days of private jets. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Wonder if they saw Britney Spears over at the baggage claim area.

Too bad Japan couldn't keep MJ over there, since they adore him so much. We're guessing America wouldn't mind. Heck, we could throw in John Mayer as a bonus.

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I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity that was written by this the author of this article. Those are children.They are human beings like the rest of us, I was prepared to say like you and like me, but for some reason I feel you are lacking in the humane department. How could you say such mean and horrific things about those kids or this man's family. You should be ashamed of yourself.


stupid, stupid, stupid. Sometimes I feel happy that he is not alive - at least in the paradise there are no such a malicious creatures as this one who wrote this peace - to insult him...
long live a KING


wow, whoeever wrote this article was a real asshole.


hey let MJ's kids be.instead of conferting them for the death of there dad you just make them un confertable pliz lets not make those kids life a living hell.


It would seem to me, that when Michael was accused of the molestation, his heart got broken. Clearly Michael had some issues, but all in all he was brutalized for being "different", he was attacked by the fundamental Bible thumpers, and the people who live in glass houses, casting judgement. Nothing was ever proven, about the accusations, the alleged Victims,.. just got rich and disapeared.
What was proven about Michael is that he had a really gnarly childhood, no chance to ever be a kid, he was an incredibly talented human being, who contributed a great deal to this world. So kudos to you MJ, and thank you for your contribution. The people that hate like the woman Chloe,..just don't have the sophistication to think any differently. Thanks MJ.


Is it any wonder the children are hidden most of the time, look what happens when they are not, the crazies come out and try to figure out if they are MJ's children! They criticise the kids' looks and so on. Come on you mean spirited people, take your anger out on people who kill, severely abuse, and sell their kids to porn sites. If he were an unfit father he would not have the children, they would have been taken from him! The cruel judgements, I cannot believe it!


Michael Jackson I LOVE you!!!! lots of kisses for you and your kids =)


Micheal jackson is the coolest person on earth


what's all the dum a_ _ comments about, especially the editorial it self? Lol Mr. Jackson do U


o my gosh michael this is nadia i cant believe you wil be dum enugh ta put somethn over yo kids face if yu n o dey beautiful let it show love ya

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