Lauren Conrad, MTV Unveil "Virtual Hills" Fashion Line

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Her signature style - a California chic look featuring flirty dresses and trendy tops, often complemented with a headband - has inspired many young viewers.

Now, legions of women can emulate Lauren Conrad fashion in the real world - and online.

Lauren Conrad Beauty

MTV and the girl we have come to know and love as LC have announced the first-ever celebrity-inspired digital fashion line to be introduced in the "Virtual Hills" virtual world.

In addition, The Hills star will develop a real-world fashion line that will be available in high-end boutiques, retail stores and online later this fall.

The introduction of Lauren Conrad's physical and virtual world fashion lines takes the concept of personal expression to new heights.

These days, many viewers take their online persona as seriously as their real-world presence.

The virtual clothing line, called Virtual Hills, debuted Monday on LC's hit show.

As Lauren, who interns at Teen Vogue, continues to design her fashion line, she's looking for feedback from virtual world patrons to help tailor the styles that make their way to boutiques later this year.

"Our audience has always felt a connection to Lauren since she first appeared on Laguna Beach and we've created innovative platforms online - first with MTV and now with Virtual Hills - for fans to connect with her," said Christina Norman, President of MTV.

Needless to say, America's sweetheart is ecstatic about the project.

"I was so excited to hear MTV was launching Virtual Hills and felt this was a great opportunity for me to bring fashion to technology," said Conrad, who is a fashion major at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles in addition to interning at Teen Vogue.

"We've been working really hard to create sensible, yet trendy fashions that young girls can wear in their real life or virtual life and that project a true sense of self. I'm excited to build relationships with my fans in Virtual Hills and then apply feedback to my real-world designs."

Lauren had no comment on her ex, Jason Wahler, being sentenced to jail time, or how BFF Heidi Montag - a fashion queen in her own right - feels about the new virtual clothing line.


HEy lauren
i think that heidi was a backstabber. she should not have said all of those things about u.Jewyl u need hush besause lauren will always have friends.if heidi did that to me i would want to forgive her and forget her. and also lauren,i look up to u every day because i am young and i always will love ya lauren *MAisley*


Hey LaureN i ThinK ur the Best,Amazing,uknow what u want & u set ur goals for =then u reach it.!
ur Just the BoMbbb & ur my Role Model.!i can't wait to watch ur show on monday #/24/07!!!!:]


you rock your so down to earth we need more people like you in this world i feel like i can relate to you


Hey! I want to just say that I want to make a virtual hills so bad


Hey Lauren I wanted to know if you and Heidi are ever going to be friends again. I know she hasn't been the greatest friend but you shouldn't let that get in the way. Like you said 'Forgive and Forget'. You should forgive her and forget what happened. I mean if you continue to 'Forgive and forget' people then you won't have any friends. And you should also be a little more open minded. Especially about what happened between you and Adrina. Give Justin a break. And don't ever talk about he right infront of his girlfriend.
That was all. Peace and love forever!!


i think that you are a great person but you should forgive hiedi 4 what she did. trust me babe i was once in that exact position and if you kill her with kindness thats just good enough revenge 4 it ya


lauren i think you know what you're all about and i admire you for that. i wish if i can one day meet you...keep it up.
from a caribbean trini


you need to be a little less judgmental, and be more open to new people. i honestly think your life would be so much better without all of that. oh and another thing you need to get over the whole heidi thing...shes an idiot and you dont need that drama in your life you have a lot going for you and you can do so much better, love the show and you dont get me wrong


Hey Lauren, you are such a great friend to all the girls and guys in "The Hills", too bad Heidi didn't appreciate you! But, I think she'll come around. I always thought Audrina would become a good friend of yours. I'm glad to see that things are getting better in your life. Stay true! You got a good head on your shoulders! Take care!


Hey lauren i just want to know are you really friends with brody or you and him really getting hot and heavy? Cause ya'll are really hot together.But adrina needs to let justinbobby go and move on cause she deserves better.And let whitney know she needs to get with trainer.But i really love the clothes you wear where do you get them? Talk to later.

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