Lane Garrison Talks About Fatal Car Accident

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Prison Break actor Lane Garrison, charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of a 17-year-old Beverly Hills boy, has spoken out for the first time since the fatal December car accident.

"I pray every day for all the families involved," Garrison tells People magazine exclusively. "I realize I will live with a sense of guilt for the rest of my life."

Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

On Dec. 2, Garrison, who played "Tweener" on the FOX jailhouse drama, was driving his Land Rover SUV in Beverly Hills with three teenage passengers when the vehicle struck a tree at 11:52 p.m.

Vahagn Setian, 17, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. A 15-year-old girl, also in the car, is recuperating at home with a fractured pelvis and shattered arm; a second girl, also 15, was not seriously injured.

Police later said Garrison had cocaine in his system and more than twice the legal blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash. We're talking beyond Pete Doherty level here.

Garrison was charged earlier this month with one felony count each of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and without gross negligence, driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims and driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury, as well as one misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Actor Mark Wahlberg has already offered his support.

Garrison was to be arraigned March 8, but his attorney, Harland Braun, requested more time before entering a plea. Bail was set at $100,000 and Garrison faces up to six years and eight months in state prison if convicted.

The actor is due back in court on April 11, but Braun wants to meet with the district attorney prior to that date to discuss the specific charges.

"We plan to plead guilty to some charges and the sentencing will be up to the judge," Braun tells People. "Lane accepts responsibility; the judge will decide sentencing and Lane will accept it."


Nice presentation Rick!! I was there(15th-19th)and had a blast man! hope you did as year same time same place cc.


8 yrs is plenty. I know a couple people that have killed people while driving high/drunk. you cant give someone life in prison for a VMS charge. even 2 yrs is plenty for a man that has to deal with that forever! prison isnt very simple to live through. he just made a bad choice and now has to deal with it.


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he should have stuck with stealing baseball cards than driving high on coke


Yes he took a life and should be punished for that. But how long do you think that should be? He has to live the rest of his life with what he has done. Maybe you don't have any regrets but those of us that do understand what they can do to you. Let god judge him and deal with him as he sees fit. And coming from someone that has been through the prison system. It doesn't take years to understand what you have done!!!


that good 4 him lets see hife he could break out of prison in real life


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