Kristin Cavallari, Others Cheer Jason Wahler Jail Sentence

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The bombshell dropped earlier this week, setting off a serious of raucous celebrations in the streets from Laguna Beach to Miami and everywhere in between.

The reason? Jason Wahler is going to the slammer.

Cavallari in Action

The former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills was released on bail following his latest arrest, but a day later, was convicted of battery stemming from an October 2006 altercation. As a result, he'll be spending two months in jail.

Given what a waste of space Wahler is, the meathead's peers can't help but sing the praises of this well-deserved sentencing. Below, his high school classmate, Kristin Cavallari, is seen whooping it up along with hordes of other revelers.

It truly is an event that everyone can celebrate. To illustrate this, take a look behind Kristin and you will see singer JoJo. Everybody's coming out to wish Wahler a happy time behind bars!


Jason works for me at NTS Inc. as a patient advocate. NTS has 80 beds and probably another 30 young adults in out patient suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Jason spends his days helping these people get sober talking about his experience strength and hope. Jason is helping us save lives every day he dose more for the suffering addict than anyone knows. He is a fine example of a young man over coming his addictions and using his experience to help others. Also soon he will be a licensed chemical dependency counselor in California he is finishing his classes in my academic academy at NTS. Again Jason is fine example and someone I am proud to call my friend.
Aaron Brower
President of NTS Inc.


Perfect work!


what is jason thinking he's to hot to be in jail!!!!!!!!


Jason Wahler obvisouly has a lot of problems. He also has a major attitude problem. His attitude is that because he's a "celebrity" of sorts that he can do and say whatever he wants to. He acts like he can committ crimes and buy his way out of the consequences. Some jail time,Anger Management and AA might do him some good.

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