Kimberly Stewart On Her Knees ... for Clothing!

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Maybe Antonella Barba could give us another reason why this spoiled vixen would be on her knees.

Actually, Kimberly Stewart probably knows what we mean. In this case, however, the daugther of Rod is just checking out a clothing rack.

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

Maybe she wants to look extra good in order to attend the premiere of Sons of Hollywood, the lame show on A&E starring her brother, Sean Stewart. Or maybe she just knows that her good pal, Kim Kardashian, is going nude these days. So Stewart has to look extra good for attention.

No matter what the reason, here she is. Let's hope Kimberly makes the right fashion choice or Stephen Colbert might put her On Notice.


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Kimberly Stewart as Snow White
Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of Rod Stewart. She's like a less famous, even more pointless version of Kim Kardashian. This is a... More »
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