Josh Henderson Eats Out (With) Paris Hilton

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If you catch our paraphrased Star Trek drift, it looks like Josh Henderson is preparing to boldly go where only a few hundred men have gone before.

What we're saying is that the Desperate Housewives actor is getting cozy with Paris Hilton and it's only a matter of time before he waxes that booty. Let's be honest with ourselves. She gets around... like a record. No offense, Stavros Niarchos.

Hilton Lives!

The cute new duo shared a late dinner at West Hollywood hotspot eatery Koi Tuesday - and it looks like PDA was on the menu. "They weren't very shy about showcasing their affection," kissing and touching each other," a fellow diner reports.

One can only wonder how Desperate co-star Eva Longoria feels about Josh's conquest. We have a pretty good idea what another co-star, Jesse Metcalfe, is thinking. He's indifferent - that stud can sleep with whatever girl he wants.

And we all know what Randy Spelling is thinking. Something along the lines of: "Good thing I tapped that before she became a disease-ridden waste."


omg...Josh...i think you could pick someone are way too good for Paris...


Josh ur the best looking guy around L.A and what they said, you could do so much better. Take my advice and go out with ither Andrea Bowen or me!!


Josh....You could do SO much better. SO SO much better.....


I'm sorry you stupid Paris Hilton lovers, but Ihate Paris Hilton. She gave 100 dollars to a poor guy on the street just so they can get a picture of her. She is so spoiled. HEr father makes good money for her and she spends spends spends. Paris you are a slut and a b****

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