Jennifer Garner Wants More Kids

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Sorry, Violet Affleck, you're not enough for your mother.

While Jennifer Garner admits there are pitfalls to being a Hollywood mom, she also wants to add another tyke or two to her resume.

Jennifer Garner Pushes Stroller

"I'm assuming we'll have at least one more, but not for a while," the former Alias star â€" and hot wife of Ben Affleck â€" tells the British edition of Marie Claire in its April issue.

Regarding the problems of raising a child in Hollywood, where parental indulgence often outweighs discipline, Garner tells the magazine, "If anyone has any ideas, let me know!"

Maybe just toss the kid into your car, have no worries, as Madonna would recommend.

But that would probably frighten the former Alias star.

She says she feels "both happiness and anxiety more deeply" since giving birth to Violet. For example:"Last night I read this script about cancer and had to get out of bed, get a drink of water and watch Grey's Anatomy, it was so terrifying to me."

Let's hope she didn't look at Ellen Pompeo too closely, however. That skeletal body can be scary in its own right.


I remember when my children were small, I got this strong urge to buy all these stuff, toys and clothes, and I found out that I was only trying to rediscover and relive my own happy childhood. It was a totally selfish urge. The child doesn't need all these things. The child would be better off with one teddy bear, one doll and just enough clothes to get by. You must grab your arm, and keep that credit card in your wallet, though the urge is so strong. And if the child's room is starting to look like a toy store, a children clothing store or a Tivoli, you have already gone too far.


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