Now, the Four Words We've All Been Waiting to Hear: Janice Dickinson Crotch Shot!

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Last year, we were all about the crotch shot queens. Also known as the ho train.

Also, this Katie Holmes crotch shot would have been cool... if we didn't get negged.

What a Loser

This one below, however? We would just as soon have passed, but we don't have a choice in this line of work, so we bring it to you anyway. Sorry.

After dining at hotspot eatery, Koi, on Tuesday, the "original" supermodel and one-time America's Next Top Model judge proved to be anything but...

Coy. Get it? Whatevs. Anyway, Janice Dickinson flashed her business to photographers as she entered a car, and we've got a picture of it. If you want to look.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pacific Coast News / LOGO CREDIT: The Hollywood Gossip

The 52-year-old mother of two, who loves the Kama Sutra, offers a gross glimpse into her nether region... which we've covered up, fortunately for you. For us, the damage is done.

We recommend Janice have that thing looked at. Maybe Dr. Sandeep Kapoor is available to perform an examination. Or at least Travis Barker.

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Do you know where I could find an uncensored pic of this? I think Janice is hot.