Howard K. Stern: Anna Nicole Smith Didn't Wish to be Saved

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Forgive us if we don't believe everything Howard K. Stern says.

But in a recently released statement, the immoral lawyer claims Anna Nicole Smith could have been saved if she'd been hospitalized before her death â€" but she refused emergency care, fearing a "media frenzy."

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After announcing Smith's autopsy results on Monday, Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Smith had been suffering from a stomach flu, a 105-degree fever and an infection from repeated drug injections.

At the same time, she was using a long list of medications, including the powerful sleeping drug chloral hydrate, methadone, valium, several antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs, longevity medications, vitamin B12 and growth hormone, the Associated Press reports. The loving mother of Dannielynn died from an accidental drug overdose.

If Smith had sought treatment for her flu, she might have been saved, Perper said, if only because her drug use could have been controlled:

"If she would have gone to the hospital she wouldn't have died because she wouldn't have had the opportunity to take the excessive amount of chloral hydrate."

But according to a statement from lawyers for Stern, she refused emergency care in the days before her death because "she did not want the media frenzy that follows her." We wish Larry Birkhead could've stepped in.


First Anna couldn't make up her mind, she hang out with Howard way too long,She did yelled at him "what did you do to Daniel" he's A student. he is a mind control freak and handel everything on Anna,she want to reach out to her momma on about Daniel's Death, but the phone was change by who? Howard Stern! Howard Stern the one make sure that Anna have no contact with any of her family. you don't know what inside the door what kind of Howard Stern He is toward Anna.Anna didn't even look so happy or even to look at Howard. she may knew something was up but nothing can be done,she give up everything and heck with it. she does love her son Daniel very much and Daniel the one dislike Howard Stern. Daniel maybe have a chance to tell Momma to fire Howard who knows? they would have been alive to fire Howard Stern.


Howard killed Anna and her son. I pray Dannielynn makes a good life for herself, and lives to be an old, old lady.
Poor Anna and Daniel. I hope they are together in a happy place.


He's guilty as sin. If anyone really looks into all of this its so obvious it was murder. Look around you people. There are many people already who will not stop untill that coward howard is put too justice


To all who say Howard K Stern is the innocent in all this, I BEG you to do some research because this simply isn't the case. Do some proper research on this and the evidence supporting the murder claims is compelling. I stumbled on this case by accident and the more research I've done the more convinced I am (and many others) that it was murder.


I have always been on Howard's side.I know he loved Anna Or he would of not been with her all of these 15 yrs.He went thru a lot with her,she had to be hard to please if any one ever watched her,she had to have her way???I wished he had fought for Dannieelyn??He had A chance to get her,She had his NAME,any time a mother puts a dad's name on record ,that child is his??Hang in there Howard.I am Hoping you win in court on the Proptry in the Bahamas,You are a nice man in my book.Hope you The best of Luck


HKS should be given an academy award for the great performance he has given to all interviews. Where was he when ANS needed him the most. Why could not someone take ANS to the hospital in spite of her objections. Where is the video of ANS telling him that he caused Danny"s death just after he died???????


I don't understand why everyone has chosen to hang Howard K. Stern; out to dry. He obviously loved Anna and was probably lacking in the love department , because of his appearance, but I root for the underdog! Leave him alone and find something wrong with someone else. He is innocent in all the rumors and should be vendicated, I hope he does sue the pants off of Court T.V. and other media for the accusations they made on a daily basis, even how he cried or faked it at the funeral, come on... He loved her! Have faith that more men, love their women half as much! And he did not Kill either Daniel or Anna... Don't fall into the stupid stew, with people like Ashley Banfield, and Nancy Grace!

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