Heather Mills Rides Off With Tens of Millions

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It's fitting that Heather Mills took this bicycle for a serious spin in Brighton, England, Tuesday. After all, she used to be a neighborhood bicycle herself, if you know what me mean.

We're saying the gold-digging ho was also once a high-priced, one-legged call girl. Or is. At least the latter. She still has one prosthetic leg.

Ugly Hair

In any case, Mills and estranged husband Paul McCartney have reportedly agreed to a settlement in their divorce case. The terms: Mills gets between $56-63M, various reports say, and joint custody of daughter Beatrice, 3, if she'll go the hell away.

Needless to say, she won't be giving back this hot 18-speed ...


That's a lot of money for someone so undeserving, but it's not too bad of a deal for Sir Paul, a billionaire who didn't think to make the gal sign a pre-nup.

Come on, Paul. We know you stand for peace, love, all of that. But that doesn't mean you should be so careless with your fortune. Britney Spears wouldn't be.

Okay, bad example. We mean, Tom Cruise wouldn't be!!!

Regardless, Mills has been prepping for her upcoming stint on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, which premieres March 19. The Gossip hopes you'll join it in hoping Mills' strap on (you know, for the fake leg) comes flying off during the season premiere.


Heather will hold out for as much money as she get. Heather has information about Paul that he doesn't want his fans, his friends, the public or his business associates to know. This information isn't about him drinking too much, smoking weed, or about being abusive at times - the information Heather has can damage his business relations and perhaps loose him quite a few business associates and friends. Money can not buy back trust or respect. What goes around comes around.


Yea, Macca will make back the money he has to pay Mucca by the sales of his new album, the contract with Starbucks, and his 2008 tour, but no amount of money can buy back his dignity - or erase the stories that have been released about him in the last year. I've lost all repsect for Macca. I believe Macca cares only about money and his image. Macca got what he deserved and karma is at play now.




You know, it's not that Sir Paul is so careless with his money. He's a very smart businessman. Pre-nups aren't enforced in England. Though, I'm sure, he didn't want to part with that sum. She's not worth it. Nothing is more like what she should get. She brought no monies into the marriage, therefore, she shouldn't get anything even close to the $56-63 million mark going out of it. That golddigging B**** - I wouldnt be a bit surprised, if she holds out for more money - so that Sir Paul gets sole custody of BEA. But, don't fret....... with his new contract from STARBUCKS, new album, merchandising, & 2008 tour - he'll more than double, IF NOT TRIPLE what he gives to that MUCCABEAST.


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Heather Mills loves money and attention. She married Paul McCartney and then divorced him in order to rake in the millions. An activist... More »
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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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The public adore me... I haven't got a bad word to say about Paul... men are falling over themselves to ask me out... my only interest in life is helping others.

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