Get to Know an American Idol Contestant: Melinda Doolittle

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Here's all you really need to know about Melinda Doolittle: She may be the best singer American Idol of all-time.

Sorry, Carrie Underwood, but just take a listen to this contestant. And while you're at it, take a look at the following bio:

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Age: 29
Relationship Status: Single
Pre-Idol: Brentwood, Tenn.-based backup singer for Aaron Neville, CeCe Winans and Idol alum George Huff
Why She Auditioned: "Some friends invited me to go with them to the Memphis audition, saying it would be fun to watch the funny singers," says Doolittle. "On the way we decided the whole car had to audition, and I ended up being the only one to make it."
Idol Style: "I'm a bit of a tomboy, so these heels and all this are not normal for me. It's fun, but it's like playing dress-up, so when I go home, it's snatch the wig off and lie down!"

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Beyonce has also been know to take off wigs.

Backstage Secret: "I am the oldest one here," she says, "so the other contestants call me Mama. I love to be silly. Everybody thinks I'm shy, but I'm not shy. I just get a little nervous occasionally."
The Makeover: "I am the worst," says Doolittle of her style sense. "Thank God I have help."

Fortunately for fans, none of that help has come from Sanjaya Malakar.


I have to update about Melinda album will be released in fall and she work on a Holiday Cd too.


She will released her first album June of 2008. If you are one of her fans and want to support her. come to join us.


Melinda Doolittle, she is a fantastic singer


You ought to have won AI this year because you were obviously the best. That's a fact. I live in Africa- Nigeria, and my family & i stopped watching AI the day you were eliminated bcs it was so wrong to see you have to leave.It just wasn't worth watching after that. Anyhow, i believe God's working out His purpose in your life, so trust Him. All the best, Lilian.


I thought you where great, i would love to meet you some day, I also sing and would love to try out for the show but i was told tha their is age limit . and iam 41 yrs old. so i dont really know if i can get on are not, god bless and good luck to you . jackie


I'll have to say Melinda u have a " Beautiful '' voice! You sing from your heart and your soul thats what matters most. God gave u something special your voice we hear that everytime u sing. Behind the scene ppl are rarely seen it is their fear that push them to take a stand for their belief in this is "who i am " I wish u much happiness on your new journey in life... live, love , and laugh


Ms. Melinda Doolitle, I am told by people from my home town that your mother's family is from our city. If this is true, I went to school with your mother and one of your uncles. Currently I live in California. If you will e-mail me at the above address, I would like to compare my information with you to see if indeed I know your family.

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