Get to Know an American Idol Contestant: Haley Scarnato

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She's no Antonella Barba.

Granted, Haley Scarnato has been receiving a lot of attention recently for her looks - but there's one difference between this American Idol contestant and the one that was best known for her sex photos: Haley can sing.

Believing He Can Fly

Well enough, in fact, to have cracked at least the top nine on the show. Let's get to know her a bit better, courtest of this People magazine profile ...

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Engaged to Bobby Krudwig, a sales executive
Pre-Idol: Wedding singer in her native San Antonio
Fame Factor: Although she thinks it's "cute" that she has a fan club called "Haley's Comet," Scarnato doesn't want to know much more than that.

"I completely stay away from the Internet and gossip â€" it's scary," she says. "I got recognized recently, which was weird. They said something about my mole!"

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Come on, Haley, you're not curious to read about The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin?

Guest Mentor She's Psyched to Meet: "Martina McBride," says the country fan. "I love her."
What's On Her iPod? "I love Elvis, which is shocking to people for some reason."
On Being Judged: "Some comments are pretty harsh. Ryan Seacrest lightens the mood. It's nice to have him on that big stage next to you."

And with that, Scarnato left to stick pins in her voodoo doll of Sanjaya Malakar. No, we're just kidding.


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you should of won american idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey you are a good singer !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should of not of gotten voted off


Haley is awesome! I voted my ass for her last night. I hope she continues on. She difinatley deserves to make it further than "what a joke Sanjaya" and Dumbo ears - my voice cracks under pressure - Phil Stacy.


I think Haley is gorgeous and she has very natural voice that is easy to listen to.
I agree with Tony's comments and think that Deb is just jealous becuase she probably doesn't look that good.


You got to be kidding me! I can't believe that she wasn't gone...she can't sing. All she has going for her is her looks. That is about all the judges could say...dress is nice, nice legs. Hopefully she will be gone soon so the real talent can get on with it!!


Okay, so when Gwen Stefani did her thing last week, bet you all didn't realize that the reason they had all the dancing was so we could "Watch" the song instead of listen to it. Not much substance (or music) to that song---maybe a five note spread in the whole thing. I wonder if (Stefani) could make it on Idol if they took away all the glitz and big production? Her voice is not that great. Haley Scarnato has much more quality to her voice and she looks a lot better too. If they can make Stefani marketable and sell her, just imagine what a producer could do with Haley. Let's all vote for Haley and watch a "star" be born.


Haley Scarnato is a true American Idol. Gorgeous---and she can sing! I'm voting.


Haley CAN sing. And she has the entire package, looks, personality, dance ABILITY. This is American Idol and I thought that encompassed more than just singing. It's not called just American Singer. I don't take anything away from the others---(except maybe one) for they can all sing and some of them quite well, obviously. But Haley is the only one with the whole package--the one who can truly be the American Idol in all senses of the word. So come on, Haley fans. We've got to get our networking together and keep those votes coming, now more than ever. It gets tighter and tighter as the contestants get fewer. Now is the time we've got to REALLY get to work. Tell everyone to VOTE VOTE VOTE---HALEY!!

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