Gavin Rossdale Ignores Kingston, Ponders Career

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Gavin Rossdale used to be a big rock star.

You remember songs such as "Machine Head" and "Come Down" from the group Bush, right? Right?!? Okay, maybe Brooke Hogan had a more successful music career than Gavin.

A Gavin Rossdale Photo

Still, that's no reason to place your child in danger, Mr. Gwen Stefani. As seen here, it appears as though Rossdale has forgotten that he's dangling his adorable celebrity baby in the air. Look up, Gavin!

Fortunately, little Kingston looks safe and sound. He's probably wondering where Mommy is, but don't worry cute one - she's just off yoddling somewhere. At least you can take solace in this unofficial fact:

You're the best looking celebrity kid this side of Ramona Sarsgaard.

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His child is not in danger! Gavin is holding him with both hands. After you become a parent, maybe you'll realize that you don't have to have both eyes on your child as you hold onto them at all times. FREAK!