Donald Trump Thinks Howard K. Stern is a Loser

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Move over, Rosie O'Donnell.

Donald Trump might actually hate someone more than you at this point.

Trump vs. Prejean

The Donald called-in to the Don Imus Show on MSNBC this morning, just as the body of his "friend" Anna Nicole Smith was being transported from Broward Country Morgue to Miami International Airport.

At that point, Trump unleashed a verbal tirade aimed squarely at Howard K. Stern, calling him a "total loser" and a "hanger-on."

"There's something more to him than meets the eye," said Trump, adding: "the baby has got about a less than one percent chance of being his."

Less than that, we say. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern has suffered long enough without her actual father. Meanwhile, Trump appears to be on the side of justice in this case.

Just like he was with Tara Conner.


Hes righht. HKS is a looser and he killed two people. You just wait and see. It will take much longer than the OJ trial once the money comes out cuz the greedy lawyers want to fight over it till theres nothing left but the truth will come out. And Howard will commit suicide or go to prison where he belongs. Hes so greedy and he knows all the laws on getting away with it and he didnt even care how bad he looked. However theres too many coincidences so he'll so he cant get away with it, I dont think.


I agree! Who cares what slut-puppy trump thinks! In my opinion trumpy has been nothing but a big loser who simply doesn't realize what a joke he and his unsolicted opinions are. He's gross and beats up on people when they are down. Well, except Paris Hilton, who in his opinion is a "good girl" and Angelina Jolie is "ugly". Yep, trumpy sure knows his stuff - LMA at trumpy!


Who cares what Donald Trump says about anything? Why does anyone even ask him? Who do they think he is--Dear Abby?

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