Brad Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel Excited About New Addition to Brangelina Brood

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Everyone together now: Awww!!!

For those that thought it doesn't get much cuter than Brad Pitt, try this picture on for size: Brad Pitt and his adorable daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

Worried About Shiloh!

The famous father and his celebrity baby were downright delicious on the set of his new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this week. And the proud papa will soon have another tyke to carry around, now that partner Angelina Jolie is child shopping in Vietnam.

Just look at that cutie pie, Shiloh. She's pulling a Jake Gyllenhaal, chock full of unbridled enthusiasm over a new little relative in her life. What a mature toddler.

We just hope Maddox and Zahara feel the same way ...

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Perfect work!


Congratulations and Best Wishes to Angelina and Brad! They really have cute babies, Shiloh is testament to that. I hope that both will shower their brood with love and care and understanding. And I pray that Angelina and Brad will continue to love and respect each other forever! I hope that they will forever be good parents to their children! Shiloh is so cute, im sure she will turn out to be a very beautiful woman! God bless!


Very Beautiful picture, Brad looks so proud and happy. His dream has come true at last. I wish that they can have their football team. They have lots of love to give to children that need a home and family to love them. God Bless both Brad and Angie, And I wish them and their growing family all the best


I am sorry to hear you are going to buy another
child, I know you have the money and the children will never want for anything, except maybe love. The way it looks to me is I think maybe it is Shiloh that is getting the short end of the stick. You and Jolie carry around Maddox and
Zarhara and never see Shiloh with you in other countries. After the comment Jolie made about showing affection to the other kids, I wish you would think about other kids. I think your own should come first. If you didn't know there are a lot of children right here in the U.S.A. that don't have food or clothing or love, what about them?


Shiloh looks just like Grandpa Jon Voight!!!!!