Bad Charlotte: Joel Madden Charged With Battery

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The investigative staff of TMZ has learned that the Beverly Hills Police Department is investigating Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden after a female photographer filed a report claiming he attacked her.

The incident took place during a violent confrontation Sunday night, in which the wannabe bad boy and his anemic girlfriend, Nicole Richie, went out to dinner at a Beverly Hills hot spot.

Welcome, 2010!

According to police sources, the woman claimed Madden struck her on the left breast "with the heel of his hand" as the rocker tried to escort his anorexic waif, Richie, out of the back door of Mr. Chow restaurant.

Is this complete crap, or did Madden go Jason Wahler on the gal? The photographer tells TMZ that she has a welt to prove it, and had to see a doctor for treatment.

In video taken of the incident (which you can view here), Madden can be seen giving the Heisman - throwing a forceful, open-handed stiff-arm into the chest of another paparazzo - moments after the alleged breast slapping.

Police say they take every claim seriously (unless they involve Pete Doherty), and a crime report was taken on this incident. A rep for Madden had no comment.

Tisk, tisk, Joel. You can't go doing things like this. No doubt Nicole's previous beau, the great Brody Jenner, wouldn't hurt a fly. Heck, he tried to make Nicole eat!


nan bu hayatta en coq sevdiğim sey good charlotte hiLaryLe nicoLenin de sacını basını yoLarım Lan qötLeri kaLktı bnm JoeLimLe çıktıLar die :@


Joel Madden wouldn't do that. He's the guy he stopped performing during a show because some guy punched a girl in the mosh pit.


i fink this is a load of bull.


i really don't think this happened, i think its just more holly wood crap, can't say i know madden personally but i can't see him dong this, look at his eyes... i see that he has had his share of struggles, and pain, but I can also see a good heart, not saying he has never done anything wrong but i am saying he loks like a guy who knows his limmits and a guy who was raised right

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