American Idol Top 10: Sanjaya Malakar's Hair Steals the Show

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Apparently, a few people sang on American Idol last night.

That's what we've been told, at least. But forgive us by being distracted by Sanjaya Malakar; or, more specifically, his hair. If that's what you can even call last night's mohawk-like mop atop his head.

Diddy Dirty Money on Idol

The contestant that actually manages to leave Simon Cowell speechless due to his poor performances attempted to make like a rock star last night. Instead, he made the blue hair on that loser, Perez Hilton, look cool.

In actual singing news from the show: Guest judge Gwen Stefani helped the Idols choose songs that were actually written in the last quarter century. A nice change of pace from previous editions.

As usual, Melinda Doolittle was impressive. And Blake Lewis cemented his status as the male to beat at least.

It's hard to say who will get voted off tonight, but Haley Scarnato may be in trouble. If that's the case, we have some advice for this American Idol cutie:

Show up topless. That seems to be the attention-grabbing strategy of former Idol hopeful, Alaina Alexander.


are you kidding me! hahaha! if you think VAGINA Malakar is talent then shoot yourself now! you are either deaf or a girl between the ages of 10-12. Sanjaya has as much talent as a rooster, seeing that's the look he went for last night. for one MELISSA'S name is MELINDA!!! and she kicks ass. i hope Sanjaya does us all a favor and just kill himself!


become an idol yourself


Sanjaya has everything it takes to be the Idol.... I can't say as much for the other performers. Kiki and Melissa both have great lungs, but it's like i've heard the same song over and over again. It's like ok, when are they going to sing something else, something different. None of the others really stand out. Blake is the only one offering anything unique. Rocker girl was right on the spot last night. Sanjaya took the show.... That's Entertainment!

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