Ali Larter: Photos of an American Hero

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Sorry, Hayden Panettiere. You're not every fan's favorite star of the NBC show, Heroes.

According to a slew of guys we talked to, that honor falls to Ali Larter. And it's hard to blame anyone for choosing the gal previously best known for wearing a whipped cream bikini in the movie, Varsity Blues.

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

No such luck here, but these are almost nude Ali Larter pictures. We're not sure if this actress is buddies with Kristin Cavallari, like her Heroes co-star has been known to be - but we do know that she's wearing very little clothing below. And that has to count for a lot.

The images leave us with one question:

Who looks better lying down and topless, Larter or Tricia Helfer?


Nooosssaaa !!!
Estava vendo o filme em que vc pra mim está maravilhosa(Jovens Justiciros), quando resolvi pegar meu notebook e pesquisar sobre vc...
E diga-se de passagem... vc é demais!!
Continua linda maravilhosa... e o melhor de tudo...6 aninhos apenas mais nova do que eu !!!!
Vc está de parabéns, continua linda, sexy, quase perfeita... demais !!
Gostaria muuito de te conhecer, mas sei que não dá.
beijos, vou continuar aqui te admirando e vc... aí.


Okay, which blog was this originally on and why do you all keep stealing from each other? Lazy sods. (As for Ali, the only real advantage she has over Hayden (what with Miss Panettiere having the edge in acting ability, importance to the series, attractiveness - yes, she *does* - and so on) is that the latter still isn't legal. And that's going to change before season 2 starts...)


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