Tricia Helfer Photos: Almost Nude, Entirely Hot

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Looking for some seriously nude Tricia Helfer?

Find it in Playboy.

Totally Tricia

In the market for some basically beautiful, albeit partically clothed, Tricia Helfer pictures?

Now you've come to the right place.

Proving that Katie Rees isn't the only beautiful woman who can pose for the camera, this Battlestar Gallactica actress is causing male work stoppages across the universe.

She's making a Brooke Burke bikini picture spread seem almost mundane.

Now, without further hype, we present a pair of hot Helfer pics that attempt to out Aishwarya Rai to shame. Study them closely to see if they succeed ...


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Tricia Helfer Nude
Tricia Helfer is absolutely beautiful. She's known for her role in Battlestar Galactica... and also for often baring most of her skin.... More »
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