The Hills Recap: Lauren & Heidi Fight, Spencer Sucks

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We're like, totally over Spencer.

So is Lauren Conrad, whether or not he bought her a dozen roses.

Heidi Montag Nude

Speaking of those flowers, whose intended recipient was in such question, which is sketchier: that Spencer would randomly bring them for Heidi on a lunch date, or that he would bring them for her to give to Lauren to make peace? Entertainment Weekly poses this very valid question.

So while the rift between Lauren and Heidi widened on last night's all-new episode of The Hills, Lauren was hanging with recent Heidi nemesis Audrina Patridge, dissecting the Spencer sitch and eating leftovers.

"Are we eating at the table?" Lauren mused. "Look at us adults."

She then analyzed the relationship between Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag for the 800th time, and predicted (shockingly) that it won't end well.

"I just have the feeling that it's going to be really bad," LC said.

For our part, we seriously can't wait until we can stop talking about that jackass Spencer. Seriously. I mean, even poor, innocent Whitney Port could speak of nothing else during our obligatory Teen Vogue office scene.

The only thing worse? Actually listening to Spencer himself talk. This is a guy who we just learned concocted a scheme in which Brody Jenner would rise to fame by making Nicole Richie eat. We're serious.

Nevertheless, the cameras are fixated on Spencer as he's macking on some more girls. That is, before Lauren Conrad stepped in and had it out with him.

"Heidi gets me and she knows who I am," Spencer shot back.

Take that, LC! Who knows why Heidi comes back for more of his crap, really. But this is The Hills. And incidentally, Lauren - America's Sweetheart - really came into her own sticking up for her friend like that, even if Heidi didn't ask for any sticking up for. Or something.

We're oddly proud of Brody Jenner as well, and not just because he's made it his life's goal to date every reality show star in California. The way he was able to stop trying to get Lauren into bed long enough to defend his friend, creep though he may be, was admirable.

"Of course he was a little bit wrong" Hollywood's most eligible bachelor said of Spencer, "But maybe he feels a little threatened by you."

Then it was back to those pretty, confusion-inducing roses for a few final plot twists. To recap, Spencer shows up with the roses at lunch; then Heidi tosses them to Lauren at home and implies he'd bought them to make amends. Now Spencer blabs to Brody, "Lauren thinks I got her a dozen roses, but it's like, 'Yeah, right, I'm not spending a dollar on you.'"

Then, during the climactic blow-up between Lauren and Heidi at home, Lauren was wondering, "Why would he buy me flowers?" Heidi finally cleared it all up: "I said it like a joke." Ooooh, good one. Apparenly Lauren wasn't so amused either, as this (weirdly) seemed to be the final straw that sent her stomping into her room and slamming the door.

What's to become of the LC-Heidi rift? Is Spencer out of the picture for good? We doubt we'll be that lucky. But here's hoping. Loser.




k...i love lauren..and heidi...but spencer seems so fake and is all raped in the drama cuz of the show!i think it couldve been heidi and spencer but honestly we all dont know for sure...i mean there is no proof..and if i were lauren i would get some better recourcers!i think that what happened to lauren is sad but common've got lots of fans that got your back!
as for spencer...
go jump off a cliff!


OMG...No...i know who started the rumors about L.C.>>> it was Heidi. i know this bcuz @ the end of the 3 season premeire, it showed what was gonna happen the next show. it shows Lauern and Jason @ a table on a date and Spencer [[[ JERK>>>I WANNA PUNCH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]] and Heidi [[[ LOVE HER>>>BUT SHE"S BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]] and heidi tells Spencer..." i guess their back in the movie making bussness!!! was SOOO HEIDI...and now i dont lik eher either!!!! I WISH her, Spencer { especially }, Brody and all them would move away and LC, Me(Audrina),Whitney And Lo could be bff's!!!


Well...I love the way Lauren is, she seems like a really nice person, and im sure she is, although i dont know her i know she deserves better friends. i dont hate Heidi, i think shes confused and brain washed by that idiot called Spencer, i think he's such a jerk, honestly, i can even stand the way he talks, and well...I dont have words to describe how bad is what Heidi and Jen did to Lauren, i mean, they betrayed her, but i hope they get the chance to talk about that and become friends again, but i must confess that in the place of Lauren i would like to kill them. I want someone to rip spencer's head off :)
that'll be really nice.


I love LC and Heidi. Heidi is not a bad person at all, she's just brainwashed by that stupid ass Spencer. Omg I hate him so much. He's ugly and retarted. I wish he'd disappear and Heidi and Lauren would just be able to have their friendship back to where it was before.


i love heidi and lauren!
but spencer [ i know him ] hes a jerk a big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love spencer..


I luv Heidi I hate spencer i hope she does not move in with that ass hole and i feel bad 4 LC


I love you LC. She is growing into such a great young women. I am so sorry about her friendship with Heidi. Heidi is so lost in love that she doesn't see what a scumbag Spencer is with his fake teeth. I hope that LC will find a way to forgive Heidi when the relationship with Spencer ends. Heidi get ready to beg LC for forgiveness remember firends always first...not jerks.


Spencer is a SCUM BAG & Brody & Heidi are his puppets. Neither Brody nor Heidi have enough brains or backbone to stand up to the slimebag. Heidi owes Lauren a HUGE apology for the Jen Bunny situation. If she is lucky, Lauren may give her the time of day. Lauren is a classy woman who deserves so much better than the company of these air-headed, self-centered, media whores.

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