The Hills Recap: Lauren & Heidi Fight, Spencer Sucks

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We're like, totally over Spencer.

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    Everyone has there own opionions right?
    I think That heidi is Just making the wrong desicions making a BIG mistake but oh well its what she wants to do..

    What am i KIDDING! Spencer is selfish andd ruined Laurens Audrinas and Heidis friendship cause he Lied and heidi belived him instead of her BESTFRIENDS.
    really one day i hope Heidis watches the episodes and regrets every single choice she has made ever since spencer...
    But i mean i feel bad for heidi because she is so blinded by spencer.....


    he's short, really ugly, squished face, greasy face, lies almost every other sentence that comes from his mouth... i don't know. he's such a jerk.


    tsk, tsk.


    I think that Heidi is wrong because she puts her man before her bestfriend. I understand how Lauren feels because if my friend put her man before me when I was her bestfriend I wouldnt talk to her to. Spencer is playing Heidi I bet he has another girl on the side. Spencer thinks hes a pimp but he got caught with trying to play Heidi for Audrina and it back fired on him, so she should know that Spencer is going to play her again, but she won't listen to anybody, she's going to find out herself.


    I think spencer feeds heidi crack. That would explain why she has lost all self-confidence, her perception on what a complete loser spencer is, and stays skinny.


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    Hey everyone..
    I think Heidi should break up with Spencer right now. Shes brainwashed but tons of people have told her hes bad she just needs to listen to them and do whats right. Kick him to the curb and talk to Lauren about everything! Heidi and Lauren whether they will admit it or not miss each other and when u have a friendship with someone so strong like they had, u can't just give that up over some stupid worthless guy. Spencer is the whole reason any of this has happened. i know they want to make drama and everything on the show.. but seriously thats not the way to do it.


    it's really sad that heidi can not thk 4 herself! how could she let a dumb guy come b4 a great friendship...she is a brainwashed bimbo who is so naieve. i feel sry 4 her, tho. lc was an amazn friend and 4 heidi 2 choose an insincere loser over a true friend is devastating. one day, however, she will take the blinders off and come 2 her senses!


    heidi is so blind and deaf he is so ugly and hes telling her the things she wants to hear


    It's pathetic that these people's lives have so much drama in it that it can make it's own TV show. They may be celebrities but they sure aren't real actors

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