Tameka Foster, Usher Set to Marry

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Tameka Foster won't need an usher at her wedding.

She already has one:

Tameka Foster and Usher

Her soon-to-be husband!

Indeed, the stylist is engaged to R&B star, Usher. Get it?

According to the hip hopper's friend:

"It's 100 percent official ... She is wearing a beautiful ring and he's been introducing her as his fiancée."

Yup, that'll typically do it.

Tameka and Beth Ostrosky can swap wedding ideas now.

Meanwhile, Usher and Kanye West can bond over thoughts about what the heck they are possibly thinking a bright future with the one they love.

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Usher....DUDE...good luck U r gonna need it. DUDE you are on the top of the world....U can have anything U want.....get U a tender-roni...no kids and make some. U don't need an older woman with an allegator suitcase....Last comment......Get a pre-nup!


Good luck Usher, you are going to need it. Dude you don't need a ready made family....U r on the top of the world...have what you want....get you a tender-roni....no kids...make some with her. That will suit you best. Big problems come with stepkids DUDE. I see nothing but drama for U.


yo usher if u really love her man then do u


There are couple of saying that goes "love is blind" and "love is in the eyes of the beholder", in saying that, we need to leave people's business alone. So what if we think that Usher's fiancee is ugly does that mean ugly people does not deserve a chance. We don't know how this person makes him feel. In regards to his mother if this BITCH is the cause of him firing her, well I say move her up (get rid of her). another thing, everytime a celebrity gets engage to a non-celebrity that person automatically is a gold digger why? You arrogant people need to get a grip.


I agree yo Ciara is available call her up for the love of God!!!!!!!!!


Clearly Usher is doing this move out of stupidity and rebellion against his moms. Clearly you have lost your mind. Call up Ciara she is available sheeeshhh get a grip. Make sure you see her when she wakes up in the morning!!!!!!!! Usher get it together she doesnt love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People are some ignorant, do you know that chilli from TLC is in her 30's.I take it he likes older women. What's wrong with that. Lol


u firied ur mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what were u thinking yeah get rid of her now!!!!!!!!


Usher as long as u are happy than its cool with me but if that woman hurt u u know u got a whole lot of people behind u so who cares have a happy life but yeah chilli n u were a very good cuple


ush I can't tell you what to do but ask youself "is it right?" I wish you well my future brother in-law