Tameka Foster, Usher Set to Marry

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Tameka Foster won't need an usher at her wedding.

She already has one:

Tameka Foster and Usher

Her soon-to-be husband!

Indeed, the stylist is engaged to R&B star, Usher. Get it?

According to the hip hopper's friend:

"It's 100 percent official ... She is wearing a beautiful ring and he's been introducing her as his fiancée."

Yup, that'll typically do it.

Tameka and Beth Ostrosky can swap wedding ideas now.

Meanwhile, Usher and Kanye West can bond over thoughts about what the heck they are possibly thinking a bright future with the one they love.


gud luck usher.nd do wat u think itz best 4 u .but same time listen 2 ya mom cause she knowz watz best.nd i think that y'all well make a cute couple .come on know everboby have problem in there realitionship not ever 1 realtitionship is perfect .nd she is not old 4 him cause age ntnin but a number .nd who carez if she have 3 kids onces if she can take care of then nd make sure they have respect 4 usher eventhought there not hiz.nd i think usher is gettin older to know watz goin on in life.so he have 2 face it know or later it don't matter .so i think he should do watz his heart tellin him nd not wat plp sayin 2 him..............gud luck 2 u nd tamika:)


Being with a woman like her is really not fair to Usher but he doesn't realize that yet. He should've gotten somebody that hasn't been married before and hadn't had kids yet so he could experience those things, for the first time, with the person he loves. She's already done all those things. I married a 33 yr. old divorced mother of one when I was 27, so I know first hand. She was pregnant too, so I can understand what he's going through. I'm now divorced. The divorce rate is higher for marriages where one or both of them has been married before. She has 3 kids and is a divorcee. She's sapping his youth away with her old a$$.


shes a dog!!!!!!!ushers 2gud4her


does anyone no tameka foster date of birth?


Dude, Get your facts straight: SHE IS 37.
SHE IS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD, BUT HAS KIDS FROM ANOTHER MARRIAGE. This is a recipe for disaster. She is going to take him to the cleaners, he is going to gain weight and start singing on telathons. Mark my words. P.S.
Usher is not all that handsome, but she is a regular woofer. I mean, she's almost menapausal.


Usher is making a mistake, she is ugh, lets just put it that way, 3 kids, un unh. He can do better.


Now Usher, you know, you momma know, I know and the whole world know that you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life. You will loose a lot of money behind this one. Be smart - share cusdoty with her and take care of your child. You don't have to let the whale swallow you up, just cause you got the whale pregnant. I'm not your fan I'm a mother of a 28 year old son, need I say anymore ? I told him too and he didn't listen. Your mother had your back all of your life, do you think she would tell something wrong now, boy you better recognize. Come up out of that stuff, so you can think straight. Okay.


what a bunch of racist asses!!! you only say those things here, but won't do it to someone's face!! Cowards, Idiots, Bigots!!


usher this is your biggest fan tlowe sweetie i know you think you love her now but i think you sud wait one more year before getting married she is already having your baby and if things are still da same(still in love) than marry her and your kids together and be happy!!! love tlowe


nigs actually think that if they marry light and eat watermelon and chicken that they will go to heaven!!! nothing but apes, they are nothing but APES!!!!

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