Robyn Troup Lives Her Dream at the Grammy Awards

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Move over, Scarlett Johasson: there's a new woman in the life of Justin Timberlake.

Okay, there are reportedly many new women.

Adele at the Grammys

But Robyn Troup stands out as the most unlikely of them all.

The Houston native won the "My Grammy Moment" contest last night, instantly appearing on stage after the annoucement and getting down with JT and T.I. to the songs "Ain't No Sunshine" and "My Love."

"This is the most amazing thing to happen to me," Troup said. "I was so surprised when they called my name, I just kept my game face on the whole time."

Former American Idol contestant and current movie star, Jennifer Hudson, announced Troup as the winner, which was appropriate: Robyn actually tried out for the FOX reality competition in San Antonio this year.

Other big winners at the Grammys included the Dixie Chicks, who captured five awards; and Mary J. Blige, who took home three.

But there's little doubt that Troup will enjoy the most long-lasting memories from the show.


justin@robyn on the grammy justin needs to findsomeone in his personal life like robyn they look sogood she was just his size for singing and dancing with him


yes yes robyn will be thr next woman in justin life watch they look to goood together


whats up robyn you did good, hope you read this and know who i am we talked alot in hollywood im denise jackson brother i was one of the only guys with all the girls, but anyway you did great keep go girl you got what it takes email me at


she's been signed to justin timberlake's record label tennmen.


Congratulations to Robyn. I enjoyed her performance. I can't imagine how nervous she mut have been to be singing with two top performers in music today, on the largest musical night in television. I feel that she held her own very well! I believe she will go far with the right music people behind her.


While watching the Grammy Awards she looked as though she was ready for the spotlight all her life. I was surprised to see her elimianted from American Idol last night. That just goes to show anyone to never give up.


Robyn is a lovely young woman and I can't wait to hear of her career taking off. Talk about a record label's dream come true, this girl has got star power. She's young, cute and got great talent. Somebody had better snap her contract up, quick!


i am shocked.....i recognized robyns name as she was eliminated from american idol tonight. I said to my husband...i think thats the grammy girl.......
you go robyn...bigger an better are ahead of you.

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