Prince Michael Jackson Picture ... Unmasked!

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Michael Jackson is loose in America. But we don't know where.

Incredibly, however, we do know where his children are - and what they look like without their masks on. Brace yourself for the first ever picture of Prince Michael Jackson, hanging out in Las Vegas alone, waiting for siblings Paris and Prince Michael II.

Prince and Blanket

As far as we know, this MJ isn't actually a prince along the lines of Prince William. But who wouldn't name both his sons after a position of royalty when given the chance?

The startling image raises three questions:

  1. Whatever happened to this child's mother, Debra Rowe?
  2. Who would've guessed we'd see Prince Michael Jackson pictures before Jayden James Federline pictures?
  3. And who would be scarier to procreate with: the King of Pop or Anna Nicole Smith?

Ponder those and get back to us.


i am 12 and think all his kids are cuteyys i love m.j and all his music he is a babeeeee i agree with every one else leave his kids alone they dont need the extra harssment i love prince michael 1st xoxoxoxox


thats not my real last name i just mede it up and i think prince michael jackson is HOTT he is my age thats so kol lol i like him alot


i think that micheals kids are good but i think that they miss there dad and i feel sorry for them i be sad and if anybody who mad comments about me i would love them forever and i say thank you for that comment so im not saying you afto im just sayinyg that is wat i would do but you dont aft to do that im just saying k i just micheal jackson and im going to hurt the docter that gave him the message k bi dueds


I totally agree with them leave his kids alone there only kids prince is the cutest and so is littel blanket leave them alone they are 11 12 and 7 they are still trying to get over there father being dead they dont need people starting crap bout them and THEY ARE HIS REAL KIDS


sorry adout your father and i just wanna say that i would love to see you one day i am a very big fan of yours and if you every read this comment email me at p.s. I'm a very cute girl.


i just wanna say you are a cute kid and i like you sorry about your father


cute kid


prince is so HOT
just like his father...


hey i have to agree with all those girls he is hot and i do admit i have a crush on him if you could email me saying that you have his email that would be nice


just leave MJ children alone they need freedom not press or paparrazzi behind them.they r as cute as MJ(price is a hotie)
luv frm s... :-)

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