Prince Michael Jackson Picture ... Unmasked!

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Michael Jackson is loose in America. But we don't know where.

Incredibly, however, we do know where his children are - and what they look like without their masks on. Brace yourself for the first ever picture of Prince Michael Jackson, hanging out in Las Vegas alone, waiting for siblings Paris and Prince Michael II.

Prince and Blanket

As far as we know, this MJ isn't actually a prince along the lines of Prince William. But who wouldn't name both his sons after a position of royalty when given the chance?

The startling image raises three questions:

  1. Whatever happened to this child's mother, Debra Rowe?
  2. Who would've guessed we'd see Prince Michael Jackson pictures before Jayden James Federline pictures?
  3. And who would be scarier to procreate with: the King of Pop or Anna Nicole Smith?

Ponder those and get back to us.

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i loveeeeee youuuuu !!!! prince yo are a beautifull call me..04121613228


怎么没图片啊,晕 ~~ MY CHHESES


prince is so hot my friends were asking if he is single


prince is so hot..................& my age


prince william is not a real prince as there is no such thing, just control freaks at it again


i think no i know that's his kids because a father is a person who loves and cares for you and you can be asian to a white kid but if you raised that kids and you love that kids more than life it self that make you a father and this does not invole us it dose not help pay the bills faster it does not put food on the talbe so leave it alone


he is cute im 12 so


Im glad that the kids will be with kathrine, and I hope they and nobody will let them hold back there life cus of this! rest in peace michael joseph jackson. I love you and your family from all my heart you and your family will be in my heart forver and always see you in heaven cant wait! and I love prince michael jackson the first with all my heart. I wish to meet you guys all you guys :)kk(:


Hi Prince! Hi Paris! I just want to say that I'm a big fan of your dad! Actually, my favorite songs that your dad made were the Human Nature, Man In The Mirror, PYT, and Gone Too Soon. Me and my classmates love to sing those songs. Check me out on THANKS for reading. RIP MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wish Prince Michael wiil the one who would continue what MJ leaved. i just want to say that RIP Michaael Jackson!!!!! Thanks for the music!!!!!!