Prince Michael Jackson Picture ... Unmasked!

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Michael Jackson is loose in America. But we don't know where.

Incredibly, however, we do know where his children are - and what they look like without their masks on. Brace yourself for the first ever picture of Prince Michael Jackson, hanging out in Las Vegas alone, waiting for siblings Paris and Prince Michael II.

Prince and Blanket

As far as we know, this MJ isn't actually a prince along the lines of Prince William. But who wouldn't name both his sons after a position of royalty when given the chance?

The startling image raises three questions:

  1. Whatever happened to this child's mother, Debra Rowe?
  2. Who would've guessed we'd see Prince Michael Jackson pictures before Jayden James Federline pictures?
  3. And who would be scarier to procreate with: the King of Pop or Anna Nicole Smith?

Ponder those and get back to us.

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DAMN ur so hot i just want 2 marry you. pls marry me pls pls pls pls pls


uhhhhhhhhhh prince michael is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i give anything to be with him trust me i would he's super hot good thing his my age


i know him porsioly i tex him evry day i bet the tabols would love 2 get aheold of hes # but im not telling his #


hi prince michael jackson love your hair so cute and fluffy sorry your daddy's you know left and all but i hope your still happy with your sister and brother bye with lots of love kershanie luv you


Prince Michael Jr is named after his great-grandfather (Michael Jackson's maternal grandfather - Prince Albert Scruse). Scruse is MJ's mother; Katherine Jackson's maiden name.


prince michael jackson the 1st is too gorgeous! i swear i will marry him or at least meet him. he is apart if my heart.Pais is so beautiful...she remids me of michael because she has a lot of class like he did and she looks very fun.and.sweet Blanket;or prince the 2nd has the most angelic face. he looks just like michael....i love them all so much


i love michael jackson and his kids so much.they just want to live a normal life like you and me! so let them be i believe those are his kids. even if they're not he still is the father cuz he has been there since day one and he loves them more than anything! so just let them be. MJ rest in peace..


He is so hot & my age..........


God he's so cute!


prince is so hot i wonder if he is single anyway i love and all your family, and your dad!