Pete Wentz is So Not Dating Loser Ashlee Simpson

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Unfortunately for Ashlee Simpson, she's a no talent hack and has gotten more plastic surgery than our main man Michael Jackson. Well, okay. That's a lie. But she's chasing his record!

Oh, and also sadly for Jessica Simpson's younger sister: the guy she's been kicking it with doesn't want to be her boyfriend.

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Apparently, holding hands and making out on a regular basis with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame doesn't make her girlfriend material.

Wentz insists he and Ashlee Simpson are not an item, telling Rolling Stone:

"Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one," Wentz says. "I'm attracted to creative people and train wrecks, and there's no shortage of that in Los Angeles."

Hey, Pete: Britney Spears is supposed to be getting out of rehab in 30-45 days. Mark it on your calendar. Or just wait until tomorrow when she escapes out the window. 


omg i think they make agood couple but pete is to hotttttttt 4 ashlee! by the way i love you pete! YOUR SO HOTTTTTT!


Pete and Ashlee will never happen like Pete says... Dudes you lot are sad... For ever and always your wanabe Mises Wentz


hey pete brittey and u will make a gud couple ur both fukn mental you are a fukn porno shown ur smaall minut dik my small green bananas bigger so go get a penis enlarger you need it im serious and ur penis entered a tiny penis comotion and it won 1st prise it mesared 1 cemeter soooooo the next time u flash that small thing you call a dik then dont p.s u were an idol but now ........ur a hairy dogs cock

Avatar you believe in a lip sinka hay wel no wunda her new song is caled when i was ivisible cause we wish she was and she thinks she isnt now wel in my eyes she ashlee and pete dont look cute together but pete and avril wood look so cute together and we take our time writing about her cause we want pete to have beta and dur you smell jealousy cause most of us want pete HELO


Pete is awesome but this is no help uhg! i want to know when he was dating Hayden! does anyone have any clue?


oh my god how hot is pete..i wundt say no to him anyday he is just so fit. he goes out with who he wants so you jelious people just go and bang sum1 ya own age coz it dnt luk like hes going to be taking any notice coz how wud he any way go and praise pete coz nobody ya own age likes ya byebye..


øhh.. änd ©hû§ ÞêøÞlê ärê - Nø øffên©ê - §øø ß¡t©hÿ!! Løvê ©hû Þêtê!! «×»


Þêtê Wêntz ¡§ F¡nê!! ßût H¡m änd ä§hlêê ärê Mädê Før êä©h øthêr. ×


They're not a couple my ASS!!!!!!!! Its so obvious that they're together its sickening.OH! and get a room. But Pete, I still luv u.


I man iu am as mad as any body about him dating ANYONE ( but me ) but seryousely leave him alone it is HIS life ... right !!!!!!!

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth. She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup,... More »
Dallas, Texas
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Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz

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I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

Ashlee Simpson

Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?

Ashlee Simpson [avoiding pregnancy questions]