Pete Wentz is So Not Dating Loser Ashlee Simpson

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Unfortunately for Ashlee Simpson, she's a no talent hack and has gotten more plastic surgery than our main man Michael Jackson. Well, okay. That's a lie. But she's chasing his record!

Oh, and also sadly for Jessica Simpson's younger sister: the guy she's been kicking it with doesn't want to be her boyfriend.

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Apparently, holding hands and making out on a regular basis with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame doesn't make her girlfriend material.

Wentz insists he and Ashlee Simpson are not an item, telling Rolling Stone:

"Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one," Wentz says. "I'm attracted to creative people and train wrecks, and there's no shortage of that in Los Angeles."

Hey, Pete: Britney Spears is supposed to be getting out of rehab in 30-45 days. Mark it on your calendar. Or just wait until tomorrow when she escapes out the window. 


omg if he is dating her i am sooooo madddd


ashlee get out of pete's dick. okay you suck and u know it


THANK YOU! I couldn't agree more with the headline, too. I don't hate Ashley -- I just dislike her. I mean, she's so fake, such a wannabee. No, I'm not JEALOUS. I love Pete and I want him to be happy. If he's happy with her, that's great. But she'd better love him and not hurt him (get him obsessed with plastic surgery/nose jobs), or she'll have A LOT of people against her! For the people here hating on Ashlee and Pete -- Don't you have anything better to do? What do you do, Google the name of someone you don't even know, but hate, and diss them everywhere you can? It's just my opinion, but that shows you have no life, and you care enough to Google them. Also, before you tell people to shut up, learn to spell and capitalize. It's not that hard.


pete is no loser hes sexy ashlee is the freaking bitch

Avatar not jealous, but ashlee IS a wanna be. she needs to get her own thing and stop being someone else. which i guess she cant help that since shes had so much plastic surgery. pete, hear me out, if shes right for u, shes right for u. if ur doing this just to get some attention get rid of the little "princess"!!! UR BETTER THAN THAT!


i think that ashlee should gett a life and stop singing cuz she sucks and she is butt ugly. pete is so hott and should be single because all of these girls are liking him including me ! i think that should break up beacause they have nothing in common .and just tell u peeps ther r only dating for publicity . pete is helping ashlee not lose her career in singing they dont really love each otherso all this for nothing ha !! yall' all are retarted but i still love pete wentz and to pete: clandenstine industries rox luvz ya!!


I think that both Pete and Ashlee are not losers. But then again everyone has their own opinion. I think it was very sweet of Pete to date her. He seems to have felt very sorry for her. They are good friends. And more too. Making out, holding hands, and making love all say that they are a couple who loves each other very much. How sweet. Aww.


pete please tell to gerard way i love him 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!


hi pete we meet again. why dont u dump her and take a reeeeeeeeeally long vacation and toured to INDONESIA with the rest of the band and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!! and make sure it's in JAKARTA and tell GERARD WY I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!


eeewwwwww cant believe he is dating ashlee she is like a punk wanabee or watever
lol he is to HOT for her

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth. She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup,... More »
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Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz

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I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

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