Paris Hilton Doesn't Use Headlights, Has No License

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Paris Hilton loves to show off her headlights.

But the HO-tel heiress apparently hates driving with them on in her car.

Paris Hilton Pussy

Last night, Paris was pulled over because she was not using the headlights on her car. In the dark. While moving. Elliot Mintz, the PR dude with the worst job in Hollywood next to Victoria Beckham bra salesman, said:

"The parking lot is brightly lit so she had not noticed that her headlights were not activated."

As for her other headlights (i.e. Paris Hilton boobs), well, those are always activated.

Meanwhile, Hilton had her car towed after this incident because she was driving with a suspended license. Mintz said this was news to his client, who probably figured she didn't need an actual license because she has more money than the dude selling Antonella Barba photos.

As for Hilton's license to have sex with any guy she meets, dont worry, that's never void.

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Girl above, i duno wat ur sayin. driving without headlights is a recipe 4 disaster. no affence 2 u paris, but grow some brains.


hey omg u rock out loud. i love your myspace and all ur songs. Paris if i must say... u ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!