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It looks as though we may get the chance to see the British equivalent of Kristin Cavallari real soon. Which is pretty sweet.

The producers of Hollyoaks and Lime Pictures are planning to make a UK version of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, in a deal with MTV.

A group of youths ages 16-18 from Alderley Edge in Cheshire will feature in the pilot, following their lives as they organize and attend a Valentine's Day ball.

The 30-minute debut will air later this year, with an eight-part series planned thereafter.

The show, as yet unnamed, is the first foray into reality TV programming for the production company.

In the U.S., Laguna Beach has been enormously successful thus far, garnering high ratings for a cable show and spawning a hit spinoff, The Hills, starring Laguna alumna Lauren Conrad and BFF Heidi Montag.

The U.S. version, which appears on MTV in the States and in the UK, has completed three seasons. The cast of Season 3 featured an entirely new group of privileged and often-annoying teens, but man was it good.

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The life of adorable, Asian, jet-setting celebrity babies is never uneventful. It sometimes means crazy napping... and serious staring contests!

We'd have to say the youngest member of the family wins this round - at least in terms of cuteness, anyway. The media caught up with the spawn of Tom Cruise at LAX, with her mom and grandma. This is one intense pic:

Suri Cruise and Babar

PHOTO CREDIT: Bauer-Griffin

No word on where the elusive little Suri Cruise and that brainwashed little Katie Holmes were coming from, but the trio seen here sure looks ready for some rest and relaxation. Or perhaps a Scientology seminar. Those are always a ton of fun.

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In the wake of The OC finally going off the air, a former star of the show appears to take it in stride.

Seen here, Mischa Barton - who blamed the death of her awful character, Marissa Cooper, for the show's demise - doesn't seem bothered by very much at all. Unless you count where she can satisfy her case of the munchies.

Quite Troubled

It's hard to blame Barton for needing a puff or two. She probably hasn't recovered from seeing Cisco Adler naked. Lord knows we're yet to.

At least that hairball was good for something, as we have a pretty good idea where Mischa got the remedy in her hand from. We just hope the thin actress plays it safe this time.

After all, Barton hasn't had great luck in cars recently. Just ask Nicole Richie. If you have trouble finding her, that's just because she's really, really tiny.

Or under the mean-spirited foot of Brody Jenner somewhere.

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Congratulations, Aaron Carter. You're no longer the craziest, love stricken celebrity.

Carter, of course, declared his ever-lasting feelings for Kaci Brown after a whole seven days of knowing her. But at least he didn't walk down the aisle with the quasi stranger.

Selita Ebanks Naked

The same cannot be said for Nick Cannon. The Drumline star knew his girlfriend for three weeks before getting hitched. That's as many weeks of dating as number of times Britney Spears has gone to rehab.

But jokes about bald, formerly hot pop singer aside, Cannon met Selita Ebanks over Super Bowl weekend in Miami. A source says that the actor was immediately smitten with the Victoria's Secret model.

This insider also pointed out that such committment ran counter to Cannon's beliefs when he dated Kim Kardashian.

"The weird thing is when he and Kim [Kardashian] dated, he said he didn't believe in monogamy," said this reliable individual about the relationship that ended in January.

Hmmm, that's around the time when rumors about a Kardashian sex tape with Ray J became to spread. The break-up was just a coincidence, we're sure.

Meanwhile, Cannon and Ebanks are planning to hold a wedding reception in L.A. this weekend.

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It's been quite the week for celebrity babies.

Yesterday, it was Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross cranking out two of them! Today, we're happy to report that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip star Amanda Peet, 35, has given birth to a baby girl.

Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez and Kids

Sources say Peet went into labor on Tuesday, resulting in the debut of Frances Pen - named after Peet's mom, Penny.

Yeah, it's a little strange, this name. But it's no Thijs or Heaven Rain.

The actress and her screenwriter husband, David Benioff, 36, were married in September 2006, shortly after Peet announced she was preggers.

This is the first child for both. Next up on the celebrity baby watch - Aussie actress Naomi Watts, former Felicity star Keri Russell and TV's lovable, now-married Bachelorette, Trista Sutter.

Congrats to Amanda and all these expectant ladies.

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The lovely Nicole Kidman opened up about her marriage to Keith Urban on Oprah Winfrey's Oscar special Thursday night.

"Keith is doing very well," Kidman told fellow Aussie Oscar-winner Russell Crowe, who actually interviewed her. "We've been through a lot."

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Celebrate

When Crowe began to ask her another question, she interrupted.

"Let me finish that because that will be seen as a superficial answer and I don't like to give those," Nicole Kidman said.

"We've dug really deep. Three months into our marriage we had to dig really deep. And that's what we are doing. We're in the process of doing that."

"Very courageous of him to just pack up his toothbrush and go into rehab," Crowe said. "He must have you at the very forefront of everything he's thinking."

"You'll make me cry now - stop it," Kidman replied.

Kidman and Urban, both 39, wed in June.

In October, Keith Urban checked into rehab for a three-month stay.

The country crooner told Matt Lauer of his relationship with Kidman:

"They say grief makes hearts and closer bonds than joy ever can. We've been through a lot, and she's been extraordinary."

Kidman also told Crowe that she'd like to have more kids. She's already mom to adopted Isabella and Connor Cruise, 14 and 12, respectively, from her days spent married to that crazy Tom Cruise. "Am I going to have a baby? I hope so," she said.

Crowe asked, "Are you going to carry a baby? I would hope so. I want to see you walking around barefoot and pregnant."

"I'd like to see that, too," she replied, smiling.

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Life as Bobby Brown isn't all bad.

Sure, sometimes you don't pay child support.

The Brown/Houston Family

And other times you get Karrine Steffans pregnant.

But, hey, you get to remain friends with your washed up singer of a wife!

"We're trying to work everything out so the divorce goes right â€" not like a Hollywood divorce," Brown said about he and Whitney Houston. "We're friends, you know. We're friends."

Brown and Houston are the parents of Bobbi Kristina - and the singer added: "I'm really looking forward to her doing her thing, and me doing my thing. And that's raising a child. It's beautiful. Our child is beautiful."

The same can be said of the sex tape Whitney's new boyfriend, Ray J, made with his ex, Kim Kardashian. So we've heard, that is.

Houston filed for divorce from Brown in October after 14 years of marriage, and petitioned in December to fast-track the divorce. However, the estranged couple shared a dinner together with Bobbi Kristina in West Hollywood on Feb. 11.

"It has brought us closer together, always," Brown told People magazine of parenthood. "We have been close because of who we are together, and what that child means to us. She's the greatest thing in both of our lives. We just appreciate each other now that we know the direction that we both want to go."

Asked if he was dating any new women, Brown said: "There's a few."

We're sure there are. What woman could resist a possibly cheating drug addict that has garnered sympathy from Mike Tyson?

Brown is almost a more desirable bachleor than Lorenzo Borghese with that pedigree.

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The big news on American Idol last night wasn't which contestants were leaving - but which stars were coming.

The full lineup of guest judges were announced and it's none too shabby.

Harris on Idol

We'll start with Jennifer Lopez, who is rumored to both perform and serve as a guest judge. There's no word on whether or not the show will convert to Scientology for the evening.

Next, Gwen Stefani will serve on the panel for a night. Will there be yodeling involved? Tune in and find out! We also hope she brings along Kingston. That kid is a cutie.

Other stars that will sit alongside Simon, Randy and Paula in the future include:

Finally, men everywhere can be content that Antonella Barba moved on last night. You'll have at least one more week to admire this singer's beauty.

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Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin couldn't choose the lesser of any evils seated before him.

Therefore, instead of deciding to hand over the body of Anna Nicole Smith to either of her dueling baby's daddies, Seidlin deemed that the guardian of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern would decide the deceased model's final buiral place.

Playboy Bunny

Blubbering as he announced his decision, the judge steered a surprise middle course in the dispute.

Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur (pictured here), wanted her buried in her native Texas, while Smith's boyfriend wanted her laid to rest in the Bahamas.

Instead, custody was awarded to attorney Richard Milstein. Needless to say, Howard K. Stern was far from pleased about this decision. Let's hope he doesn't take out his frustrations in a deadly manner.

Milstein said he would lay Smith to rest in the Bahamas.

The judge choked up frequently and wept as he explained his decision. "I want her to be buried with her son in the Bahamas. I want them to be together."

As for the future of Dannielynn, that's still up in the air sadly. We're just glad she won't end up in the arms of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.

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To combat her inner turmoil, some celebrities hit the bottle hard, sport a shaved head and feverishly check in and out and back into rehab.

Addison Montgomery, on the other hand, drinks - and gets her own TV show. See, Britney Spears? There are more effective ways of moving on with life!

No Bra, No Problem

Seriously though. Even with a towel-clad, hunky McSteamy in the room, you can tell this hot Grey's Anatomy doctor's mind is somewhere else. Wishing she were on her very own series, perhaps? See below...

Yes, it's true. The character, portrayed by the lovely Kate Walsh, will be starring in a spin-off beginning in May. Some are skeptical that a new show can carry on the Grey's magic, but we feel that with Walsh as the lead, it's got a fighting chance.

We were also pushing for a spinoff of The OC. Like three years ago. One in which only Peter Gallagher, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody starred. And Mischa Barton got killed off. Man that would have ruled.

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