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Sacha Baron Cohen's fiancee, Isla Fisher, will go to bed with Borat, the naive, instigative Kazakh reporter who exposed America as never before.

But refuses to sleep with one of Cohen's other comedic personas - the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter, Bruno.

The Dictator at the Oscars

Fisher, the Wedding Crashers star, agreed to endure Cohen staying in character as the lovable, yet anti-Semetic Kazakh reporter while he shot his hit film, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

However, she won't afford Cohen the same luxury he enjoyed as the Pamela Anderson-chasing horndog when he starts work on his forthcoming Bruno movie.

"Isla grudgingly endured months of living, and sleeping, with Borat when Sacha was making the movie as he had to stay in character while he was filming," a source close to the couple reveals.

"But now that he plans to make a Bruno movie, she says she absolutely won't let him stay in character 24 hours a day. She has issued an ultimatum: no Bruno in the bedroom or no sex until the film is finished."

Sasha Baron Cohen knows he's pushed his luck already.

After winning his Best Actor prize at the recent Golden Globe Awards, Cohen dedicated his triumph to Fisher because "she agreed to sleep with Borat for ten months."

Rumor has it that Isaac Cohen (no relation) recently issued an ultimatum to Britney Spears, insisting the pop princess stop going commando in public.

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For The Gossip, that pun never gets old.

For Andy Dick, neither does making an ass of himself.

Groping the Fellas

That's right, the comedian is up to his old tricks - harassing people that don't want his affection or attention.

The train wreck had to be forcibly removed last Friday night from the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live after he kept touching Ivanka Trump's hair and legs without permission.

At one point, Dick asked the hot daughter of Donald Trump to "give him a big, fat, sloppy wet kiss" right on the lips and grabbed her arm. Kimmel called in the bouncers and had him carried out by his feet and arms.

You can check out the video of this at TMZ.

You may recall that late last year, Dick was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during one of his stand-up routines and ended up on stage, screaming a racial epithet in an ill-advised Michael Richards impression.

Yeah. This guy's killing his image faster than Grey's Anatomy hothead Isaiah Washington. The Dick needs to get on the horn with whatever PR gurus Kevin Federline is working with to rehabilitate his reputation. After all, if there's a second chance to be had for FedEx, anything is possible.

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Looking for some seriously nude Tricia Helfer?

Find it in Playboy.

Totally Tricia

In the market for some basically beautiful, albeit partically clothed, Tricia Helfer pictures?

Now you've come to the right place.

Proving that Katie Rees isn't the only beautiful woman who can pose for the camera, this Battlestar Gallactica actress is causing male work stoppages across the universe.

She's making a Brooke Burke bikini picture spread seem almost mundane.

Now, without further hype, we present a pair of hot Helfer pics that attempt to out Aishwarya Rai to shame. Study them closely to see if they succeed ...

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Don't worry, Anna Nicole Smith, you're still the red menace.

But Jessica Simpson looks intent on giving you a run for your criminally crimson money.

Not Feeling it

Perhaps inspired by her and Ashlee's bright, red lipstick, Jessica has dyed her famous blonde hair a gross, dark shade. Now what excuse will she have for wondering what part of the buffalo wings come from?

We're not sure what cheesy boy toy, John Mayer, has to say about the new look - but we're guessing it's something cheesy.

Jessica's body may still be a wonderland, but her hair is closer to a blunderland now.

Bad jokes aside, there's little doubt that Vanessa Minnillo would now win any photo contest with Nick Lachey's ex.

Heck, Ron Jeremy might even have a chance.

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It's "the most difficult time of [his] life," but Ryan Phillippe is finally speaking up about one of the more publicized Hollywood divorces in years.

"I must stay focused on my kids," Phillippe tells TV's Extra in an interview airing this week.

Ryan Phillippe Photograph

On November 8, Reese Witherspoon filed for divorce from Phillippe, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple was married for seven years and have two children: Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3.

The Flags of Our Fathers star said he has "not found balance" yet in his personal and professional life. Perhaps he ought to follow the lead of Brody Jenner and simply not bother with a professional life.

Going through a break-up in the public eye makes things harder, he says:

"It's unfortunate when you have kids ... but I signed up for this and have to deal with it. I don't read the magazines or watch the shows ... It's hard when people follow me to my kid's school."

We're sure going on national TV can only help reduce such exposure. It sure worked for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Phillippe would not comment on reports that a relationship with Abbie Cornish â€" the Australian actress who costars with him in an upcoming film â€" played a role in the demise of his marriage.

Therefore, we'll go ahead and assume that it did.

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Any story about Paris Hilton and a porn star really should come as no surprise.

First, there was the burgeoning friendship between Paris and Jenna Jameson. Those two probably had a lot of sexual partners in common things to talk about.

Paris and Doug Celebrate

And now, rumors from several years ago that Paris and pal Bijou Phillips had played a game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" with Ron Jeremy are being solidified as disgusting fact.

In his autobiography, "Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz," Jeremy confirms that the trio slipped into a ladies-room stall at the Chateau Marmont, whereupon there was more flashing and nudity going on than a typical Tuesday night for Lindsay Lohan.

It's too bad for Jeremy that all he got was a glimpse of Hilton - after all, according to Joe Francis, she's very good at actually doing stuff with her private parts, as well.

What a ho.

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This just in: Britney Spears doesn't miss being married.

Then again, when she was married, it was to Jason Alexander. Then K-Fed. Just saying.

Circus Leader

When asked by People in New York on Friday how she likes being single, the pop star, who filed for divorce from Kevin Federline on November 7, said:

"It's awesome."

Britney Spears grabbed the spotlight Friday while at the fashion show for Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons and KLS Collection Fall 2007, which was held at the Roseland Ballroom in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Wearing a slinky black dress, Jayden James' MILF posed for photographers upon her arrival, and was escorted to her seat just moments before the show started.

As the models strutted on an elevated stage wearing sexy their outfits, Spears chatted at times with her assistant. No, not Isaac Cohen.

She applauded along with the rest of the crowd when model Alek Wek flaunted a colorful halter dress that dragged on the floor in back but was a mini-dress in front. "Oh my god," said Spears, who showed no aversion to pants on this night.

After the show, Spears said:

"It was amazing."

She's always good for a memorable quote, that Briney. Kimora Lee Simmons (no relation to Bill Simmons), who was backstage after the show, said of Spears: "Sometimes she gets a hard rap...[But] she is a very talented girl."

Just not when it comes to giving interviews.

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ESPN's Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy, is famous for his long-winded, hilarious sports columns, being married to The Sports Gal, and for watching enough television to rot the brains of even the pop culture aficionados at T.H. Gossip.

That said, it's only appropriate that when asked to describe his feelings on Miami, site of tonight's Super Bowl XLI, Simmons turned to a young reality TV star we know and sort of love. Here's what Bill writes...

LC: Lauren Conrad Style


All I know is this: My assignment for this week was to come to Miami and tell you, the home reader, what it's like to have a Super Bowl here. Right now, we're working on a solid A-plus. The grade could change, but that's what we're looking at right now.

Since I can't sum up my feelings on South Beach in a single sentence, let's hand it over to the great Brody Jenner, who's making a noble attempt on The Hills right now to break the reality-TV record for "most cheesy compliments ever given to a girl while trying to get into her pants."

Two things you need to know about Brody:

  1. He's Bruce Jenner's son
  2. He's already been on two reality shows.

Now he's pursuing the star of The Hills - America's sweetheart, Lauren Conrad - who's far too stupid to realize that Brody called her only because he knew the cameras had just started rolling for Season 2.

You would think she'd catch on after Jason Wahler (her fellow Laguna Beach grad, and last season's nose-itching boyfriend on The Hills) pulled the same stunt on her and she was too dumb to see that one, either.

She's easy prey for a player like Brody, who, since his arrival on The Hills, has been laying lines on her like "you have the most beautiful eyes I have EVER seen."

We're about three more episodes away from having a threesome with him and a 6-foot bottle of Rohypnol. I don't see this ending well.

What does this have to do about anything? Well, in this week's episode, Brody finally lured LC back to his apartment and gave her his greatest line yet:

"There's nowhere I'd rather be than right here with you."

I don't feel that strongly about South Beach, but give me a few more days. We might get there.

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Embattled Miss USA Tara Conner, fresh out of rehab, is making the rounds on the talk show circuit in an attempt to rehabilitate her (oversexed, alcoholic) image.

Matt Lauer, host of NBC's Today Show and universally recognized sexy beast, recently became one of the prime stops on Tara's post-rehab tour.

Matt Lauer: King of Cool

Neither was into it.

As you can see, Lauer just wants bigger ratings. What is a sober, regretful Tara Conner going to do for him? Now she's just another sweetheart from the South. He'd be better off bringing back Tom Cruise for another debate on the merits of psychiatry.

As for Miss Coke Head USA, her mind is clearly elsewhere as well. Like us, she can't get those pictures of fellow disgraced beauty queen Katie Rees out of her head. We know Tara's into girl on girl action, but keep it together, girl! You're on TV!

Yeah. How these two even carried on a conversation is beyond us. But there's little doubt that Chelsea Cooley and Tamiko Nash were fuming when they watched it.

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With the Grammy Awards coming up, it's no surprise the race for Best New Artist would be strongly contested.

But it is a tad shocking who Kanye West appears to be throwing his support behind. Leaving his hip hop roots behind for a moment of candor, the rapper had the following to say:

Kanye West and Amber Rose Pic

"I like Chris Brown, but James Blunt should win."

Really, Kanye? Hasn't Blunt won enough? The guy is dating Petra Nemcova, after all.

Seen here performing in Miami in the week before the Super Bowl, West has been known to surprise fans with his allegiances. We caught the mogul making nice with Paul McCartney awhile back. Can't say we saw that coming.

Then again, when Jesus walks with you, guess that makes you a popular friend to many.