Next Perez Hilton Stalking Target: Leona Lewis

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Perez Hilton needs to get a life.

The law-breaking celebrity blogger spends every second of free time tracking down famous people, taking pictures with them and then probably tacking those shots to his refrigerator in an attempt to feel cool.

Perez Hilton Getting Punched

Some supposed stars, such as Tara Reid, don't mind. They need the exposure, too.

But you can see that Kristin Cavallari was none too pleased that Perez shoved his fake smile and annoying head into her personal space.

The latest celebrity to be stuck posing with Hilton is British singing sensation, Leona Lewis. Look for her on American Idol later this year - and perhaps a police station later this month, filing a complaint about Perez.


leona lewis is amazing :)


Actually it would be much better if you followed the blogosphere and never mentionned this hateful, irresponsible opportunist. You're only giving him more credibility and clout than he deserves.


Why are you always picking on Pretzel? You're just a jealous bore

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